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Identifying and Measuring KPIs for Facilities Management

May 25, 2023
Take control of your key performance indicators. Explore key KPI terms, common KPIs in facilities…

On-Demand Webinar | 30 Minutes with the Product Desk – End-to-End Condition Assessment Software

May 22, 2023
Watch this demo to see how a single condition assessment tool lets you do data…

Leverage Your Growing Influence as a Facilities Manager in Higher Ed

May 18, 2023
56% of facilities leaders have greater influence on campus since the pandemic. Explore the facilities…
AkitaBox Report Builder preview image of building
Data Sheet

AkitaBox FCA Software Report Builder – Sample Report

May 12, 2023
See a sample report from the Report Builder for AkitaBox FCA software.

5 Tips for Smoother Facilities Data Collection

May 11, 2023
Whether you’re collecting your own facilities data or using a partner to do it, these…

Facility & Asset Data Collection Checklist

May 2, 2023
Get 3 checklists to make sure you’re gathering the right information and learn how data…

Capital Planning for Aging Higher Ed Facilities

April 27, 2023
Thirty percent of buildings in the Gordian database are already 10-25 years old - that…

2-Minute Demo: Report Builder in AkitaBox FCA Software

April 26, 2023
See how efficiently the AkitaBox FCA Report Builder enables you to produce easy-to-understand condition reports…

5 Ways Data Helps You Better Manage Aging Infrastructure in Healthcare

April 21, 2023
The older your healthcare facilities get, the more important it is to have complete, accurate…

On-Demand Webinar | Level Up Your Capital Planning Strategy

April 19, 2023
Learn how capital planning with real-time, accurate facility data turns guess work into data-driven budget…
Data Sheet

AkitaBox Capture App for AEC – Data Sheet

April 14, 2023
Learn the benefits of the AkitaBox Capture App for the AEC Industry in this downloadable…

3 Ways to Overcome a Facility Budget Deficit in Higher Ed

April 12, 2023
Higher ed facilities teams are facing growing budget deficits. These 3 tips can help you…
A person points a tablet at an HVAC until to take a photo for facility asset data collection.

2-Minute Demo: Capture App for AEC Firms

April 10, 2023
See AkitaBox Capture App in action for AEC.

2-Minute Demo: Capture App for Building Owners & Operators

April 10, 2023
Take a couple minutes to see how AkitaBox Capture lets you quickly collect and update…

Data: The Ultimate Tool to Reach Your ESG Goals

April 7, 2023
Facilities managers need to start preparing now for more ESG initiatives and requirements. The best…