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Building data: your most valuable asset

Take control of your facilities with cloud-based facility management software and data collection services.

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Where do you keep your building files?

Floor plans and asset documents don’t belong in drawers, PDFs or spreadsheets. Make your data do work for you with custom preventative maintenance scheduling, document repository, and custodial workload balancing.

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Harness the power of your facilities with data collection services from AkitaBox.

Make informed decisions about your facilities with accurate facility space and asset data. Our trained implementation specialists will walk your facilities to verify every square foot of your building portfolio: floor types, room types and updated measurements in a clean, industry-standard BIM (building information modeling) format.

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AkitaBox data collection services and floor plan verification

Start a proactive maintenance journey in your buildings with location-based asset mapping software.

We help you take control of your asset data and make sure you spend less time finding information and more time doing the work that matters. We collect make, model, serial numbers, photographs and locations of each asset on your building’s floor plan. This gives you a centralized repository for building documentation and asset information in easily accessible facility management software.

Facility management software location-based asset map

Feel confident in your investment with specialized training and software support.

Your final deliverable is accurate, accessible facility data in simple, easy to use cloud-based facility management software. Providing facility insights to preventative maintenance scheduling, capital planning and custodial workload balancing. Depending on your square footage, our entire standardization and setup process can be completed in as little as 90 days.

Facility management software training and support

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