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Do More with Your Facility Management Software

Take control of your facilities in as little as 90 days with cloud-based facility management software and data collection services.

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Solutions designed for the facilities you manage

Access building documents on the go with AkitaBox.

Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets or complicated software modules. AkitaBox houses all of your building data and displays historical room and asset information on a digital floor plan viewer that integrates with your preventative maintenance schedules and work orders.

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Implement a facility management strategy with up-to-date floor plans. We’ll do the heavy lifting in 90 days.

No floor plans? No problem. Our talented team of implementation specialists will walk to validate each of your building's floor plans and put all of this information into your facility management software for you. We'll also deliver you a report of your floor types, room types and updated measurements in a clean, industry-standard BIM format.

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Implement a facility management strategy

Automate your maintenance schedules to improve efficiency, increase equipment ROI and minimize asset downtime.

With all of your building information in one central place, you'll have access to exactly what you need for each of your rooms and assets.  Easily reference make, model, serial numbers, photographs, locations and maintenance records for each asset on your building’s floor plan. 

“AkitaBox helps us perform fire safety inspections in half the time it took us before. Now, any of our team members can do our inspections - not just the one person who knows where our assets are located.”
Brian Ptacek, Maintenance Supervisor at University of Kansas
Automate your maintenance schedules

Feel confident in your investment with dedicated training and software support.

When you implement AkitaBox, your final deliverable is accurate, accessible facility data in a simple, easy-to-use cloud-based facility management software, but our work for you is far from done. We'll assign you a dedicated Customer Success Manager to help you make the most of your software.

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Dedicated training and software support with AkitaBox

Take control of your buildings today with automated facility management software.

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