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AkitaBox Software

Assess & Optimize Your Facilities

Extraordinary software for assessing and optimizing the operation and condition of your facilities – from boiler room to boardroom.

For Building Owners & OperatorsFor AEC & Facilities Services

Level up your facilities management with our complete FM software suite, AkitaBox Pulse. It’s asset & maintenance management, inspections, capital management, facility condition assessments, and more all in one seamless system.

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Blow away the competition with high-value facility condition assessments. Eliminate those time-consuming paper processes and drive up your RFP win rates with AkitaBox FCA software.

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An AkitaBox employee holds up a tablet with the Capture software showing on the screen.


At AkitaBox, we knew there was a better way to manage facilities – so we built the software to do it. Now you can have a tool specially designed for the unique needs and challenges of facilities management – instead of making do with a patchwork quilt of paper forms and computer programs. Let us show you how facilities were always meant to be managed.

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“McKinstry is partnering with AkitaBox to enhance our facility condition assessment and asset data collection, analysis, and reporting. AkitaBox brings a set of capabilities that complement our existing tools and methodologies while advancing our ability to achieve greater efficiency and improve deliverables for our clients. ”

National Facility Assessment Leader, McKinstry


Facilities management is a universal need across industries and geographies. Our software can help any organization, but we’re especially popular in healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, government, commercial real estate, and among AEC and facilities services firms.

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Isn’t facilities management fascinating? We sure think so! There’s always more to learn. Explore our collection of ebooks, case studies, and webinar recordings – and be sure to subscribe to our blog.

About Us

Founded in 2015, we believe in enabling you to better understand your building’s history, current condition, and projected future. Midwest born and raised, we are based in Madison, WI (Go Badgers!) We partner with facility teams, AEC firms, and facilities services companies all over the U.S.

Our Story

What Our Customers Are Saying

Before AkitaBox, 75% of the work required multiple trips between job sites. These multi-trip jobs have been nearly eliminated because their team can better anticipate what they are going to need before they go.

Joseph Kelley, Assistant Maintenance DirectorOldham County

The fact that AkitaBox offered the simplicity of collecting data we may not have had and verifying the data we did have, and then integrating all of it for us, is ultimately why we chose AkitaBox.

Calvin Pulda, Special Systems CoordinatorBuckeye Elementary School District

The data collection and implementation was a huge benefit. Getting all the asset information into a database where you can see it, add to it, and keep it accurate is so valuable.

Reuben Van Tassel, Facilities ManagerWood County