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Facility Management Software for K-12 Education

A new way of managing K-12 facilities

Facility Optimization for Schools

Let’s face it, most K-12 facilities management software is hard to use, difficult to implement, and challenging to get your teams to use on a daily basis.

That’s why we created simple, streamlined facility management software for K-12 schools with a minimum of 200,000 square feet.

We handle the onboarding. All you have to do is start using it!

Make the Switch Now

A More Visual Way to Manage School Facilities

Our incredibly easy-to-use solution organizes all of your facilities data into one place.

  • Create visual floor plans of your buildings with pins representing every asset’s location
  • Click a pin to view all the data for that particular asset
  • Upload satellite images of your property and photos of exterior assets
Location-based asset mapping software screenshot
Duo iPads with floor plans and capital reporting

A Complete Tool Designed for Schools

AkitaBox Pulse includes everything from work order management, preventive maintenance management, and an occupant request portal, to inspections and capital planning.

  • Location-based Asset Mapping
  • Service Request Portal
  • Work Order System
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Document Management System
  • Maintenance Reporting Dashboard
  • Mobile Access
  • Unlimited Users
Meet AkitaBox Pulse

What K-12 facility leaders are saying

We decided to invest in AkitaBox because it offered features that our old software solution just couldn’t compete with. AkitaBox has interactive floor plan maps, easy-to-use preventive maintenance logs, an intuitive work order management system and a much stronger mobile application than its competitor has. These were just some of the reasons we ultimately decided to make the switch.

Larry Trende, Facilities ManagerLarry Trende, Facilities Manager, Howard Winneshiek Community School District

Since I implemented AkitaBox, I have been able to get 5 extra hours back into my work week.

Robert Smith, Director of Buildings and GroundsTomorrow River School District

For me personally, I love the ability to track serial number, mac address, and utilize the notes field for additional information at the click of a button. The ability to have our information anywhere I am when someone is having troubles, or knowing where jacks are for construction projects, will be very helpful going forward. It's very user friendly.

Matt Koby, Assistant Network ManagerMatt Koby, Assistant Network Manager, La Crosse School District

When I hire a new special systems tech who knows nothing about the schools, I can hand them AkitaBox and ask him to select the fire extinguishers, show him a map and he can instantly service them.

Calvin Pulda, Special Systems Coordinator, Buckeye Elementary School DistrictCalvin Pulda, Special Systems Coordinator, Buckeye Elementary School District

Keep Tabs on Every Asset Across Your Schools

Know your spaces and never lose track of an asset again. We make it easy to build a complete asset inventory across your entire facility.

AkitaBox’s location-based asset mapping means you and your team can spend less time searching for that tricky-to-find asset, more efficiently complete maintenance work, and track any asset across your buildings.

Discover Space & Asset Mapping

Sample Asset Verification Report Using AkitaBox

After conducting an asset verification assessment, Detroit Public Schools discovered there were more than 800 assets they weren’t officially tracking. They had been operating under the belief that they had just under 200 assets.

With accurate asset data, the district can now more effectively manage their assets, conduct better capital planning, and ensure an optimal environment for students and staff.

AkitaBox makes it easy to collect asset data AND generate simple reports to showcase the data.

See a Sample Asset Verification Report
Headshot of Calvin Pulda

“The fact that AkitaBox offered the simplicity of collecting data we may not have had and verifying the data we did have, and then integrating all of it for us, is ultimately why we chose AkitaBox.”

Calvin Pulda  •  Special Systems Coordinator, Buckeye Elementary School District

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance

Implementing and sticking to preventive maintenance schedules isn’t a pipe dream with the right software in place.

AkitaBox offers a streamlined work order system for K-12 schools that makes it easier than ever to schedule, manage, and complete preventive maintenance schedules. We’ll even input your recommended PM schedules into the AkitaBox system for you – talk about a time saver!

Ditch manual and time consuming maintenance processes for an automated preventive maintenance program that keeps you ahead of asset breakdowns and saves money in the long run.

Discover Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Benefits Beyond Maintenance

Emergency Planning

Provide access to emergency responders so they know building layouts and asset locations.

Security & Special Systems

Add security camera links so your team can quickly view live footage of your buildings even when they aren’t there.


Prepare for end-of-year inventory by tracking location, cost, and type of asset your admins own and use.

Food Service

Schedule deliveries between buildings so your nutrition staff always has the food they need.


Keep a complete list of assets, condition, model, and more to provide to insurance companies in case a disaster strikes.


Automatically assign IT tickets to your IT staff, while giving them the power to track and keep inventory of their specific assets.

Facilities or MEP Leader

Keep a handle on your facilities, assets, and work orders. Easily access the information you need to know about a specific asset when making decisions.

We are currently in the process of upgrading all of our drinking fountains to filtered, bottle fill stations, and the tags and pictures on the maps were beyond helpful during this process. I cannot imagine how much longer things would have taken if we would have had to travel to each building multiple times to confirm things, rather than just opening the maps and looking at the pictures.

Meridian School District #223John Finley, Operations Manager

I use it everyday very useful tool. It combined all of my paper documentation into 1 resource. Work orders for our corporation are easy to track. Highly recommended for Facilities Director and would even be great at home to keep track of assets and paint choices, carpet etc.

Shelbyville Central SchoolsEarsel Smith, Director of Buildings and Grounds

The system has allowed the end user to submit service requests with ease. We sent out an introductory email with a few bullet point instructions and a link to the service request page. Immediately the requests began rolling in with no pushback or complications whatsoever.

College Preparatory School

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