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Take Control of Your Facility & Asset Management

Government infrastructure programs face growing expectations and shrinking budgets, often relying on old-fashioned facilities management tools and processes that are inefficient and difficult to scale.

AkitaBox helps by delivering:

  • Advanced data capture and integrated technologies that provide the insights government organizations need to make more strategic decisions
  • Intuitive, customizable, and easy-to-use solutions can help you stay ahead of facility management and building infrastructure challenges
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Data Capture Delivered

For a government entity with multiple facilities and millions of square feet, understanding what you have (and where) is essential if you want to properly maintain your assets and keep your facilities running smoothly.

AkitaBox captures all of your facilities information and populates it into the platform for you. All you have to do from there is keep your data updated over time. It’s a framework designed to put you in control of your information and make you successful from day one.

Location-based asset mapping software screenshot

Location-Based Floor Plans

Visualize and interact with your data like never before. Create a living floor plan of every building showing the location and corresponding data of every single asset. Even upload photos and satellite imagery.

AkitaBox also provides data outputs in a variety of formats, including 2D and 3D Revit, BIM, and integrated digital twin models, providing valuable business insights.

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Get More Done With Less Using Automation

More quickly and accurately manage work orders, input asset information, and conduct inspections.

Automated workflows collect, process, and analyze data enable workers to accomplish more work more quickly than with time-consuming manual processes.

Explore how we’ve partnered with various government agencies to help them take a proactive approach to infrastructure modernization.

US Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Using drones and mobile/ground technologies to baseline infrastructure for master planning and management of facilities and utility systems.

Department of the Interior

Conduct facility condition assessments to optimize the operations and maintenance of existing infrastructure working with the National Park Service.

US Air Force

Developing a first of kind digital twin at Tyndall AFB, FL using aerial, mobile sensor technologies to support the Installation of the Future (IOTF) and conducting advanced engineering assessments for the Pacific RIM, leveraging innovative technologies and secure software solutions.

Federal Aviation Administration

Shaping future UAS ConOps with the planning and operationalization of UAS technologies for on and off airport inspection applications while navigating the complexities of integrating these technologies safely and securely in the National Airspace System.

Oldham County, Kentucky

Completed data capture for the entire portfolio with data output into AkitaBox. Implemented visual facility management software that automated maintenance processes and improved asset management.

Gain a Better Understanding of Your Portfolio and Assets

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NAICS CODES: 511210, 518210, 531210, 531311, 541611, 541620, 541715, 541990, 561210