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The Higher Ed Facilities-Finance Connection: How Accurate Facilities Data Helps Win Over Finance and Secure More Budget

August 11, 2022
Money is tight. It doesn’t matter if you’re a public institution, private college, technical school,…

The K-12 Facility Maintenance Checklist for Back to School 2022

July 28, 2022
This facility management checklist is the tool to get your school facility back into shape…

Understanding the Many Names of the Facility Condition Assessment

July 21, 2022
CNA, BCA, PCA - spend enough time around facility condition assessments and you’ll come across…

Ebook: Bring Your Facility Condition Assessments to Life

July 21, 2022
You wouldn’t use dial-up internet instead of high-speed fiber. So why do you keep doing…

ASHE Lunch & Learn Webinar: A Better FCA for Healthcare Facilities

July 19, 2022
For Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the ASTM E2018-15 property assessment alone just wasn't cutting it…

How Local Governments Can Use Facilities Management Software to Solve 6 Big Problems

July 14, 2022
From too much reactive maintenance to outdated floor plans, here are 6 problems local government…

How to Track Work Order Metrics & KPIs Using AkitaBox

July 7, 2022
AkitaBox is designed with KPI tracking in mind. Watch how easy it is to filter…

Facilities Professionals are Retiring: Here’s Why That Can be a Good Thing

June 30, 2022
The silver tsunami of retiring facilities professionals is a major opportunity to strengthen your facilities…

Leverage Your Growing Influence as a Facilities Manager in Higher Ed

June 23, 2022
56% of facilities leaders have greater influence on campus since the pandemic. Explore the facilities…

How Construction Turnover and Facilities Management Can Work Together Better

June 16, 2022
New technology tools are streamlining the flow of information from construction turnover to building operations…

Capital Planning for Aging Higher Ed Facilities

June 1, 2022
Thirty percent of buildings in the Gordian database are already 10-25 years old - that…

What is a Digital Twin? Whatever You Need It to Be

May 25, 2022
Forget plain 3D models - a digital twin can be whatever you need it to…

3 Ways to Overcome a Facility Budget Deficit in Higher Ed

May 25, 2022
Higher ed facilities teams are facing budget deficits of up to 40%. These 3 tips…

5 Easy Ways to Improve Facility Capital Planning

May 18, 2022
Capital planning for your facilities is a challenging balancing act. These 5 tips will help…

Video: Akitabox FCA – Facility Condition Assessments Made Simple

May 12, 2022
From start to finish, AkitaBox FCA makes your assessment process more efficient, streamlined, and accessible.…