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AkitaBox Inspections Software

Facility inspection software for safety and compliance

Take Your Inspections from Impossible to Impressive

Paper checklists and floor plans make regular inspections time-consuming and error-prone. Our platform visualizes and streamlines your inspection process, helping you maintain safe and healthy facilities for everyone.

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Make Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Inspections More Efficient

Turn your team into lean, mean, inspection machines. Our visual platform and powerful form builder make it easy to find every stop and see exactly what needs to be done, without extensive knowledge of building layouts or inspection requirements.

Create Location-Based Floor Plans

Visualize and interact with your data like never before. Create a living floor plan of every building showing the location and corresponding data of every single asset. Even upload photos and satellite imagery.

AkitaBox also provides data outputs in a variety of formats, including 2D and 3D Revit, BIM, and integrated digital twin models, providing valuable business insights.

Get a Real-time View into All Your Inspection Programs

Monitor inspection programs across your entire organization, or drill down into specific buildings, portfolios, or programs to get deeper insights. Provide stakeholders greater transparency to help drive more strategic decision making in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Gain Hours Back in Your Week with an Automated, Fully Digital Inspection Program

Eliminate time spent completing, filing, and searching for paperwork. AkitaBox is your single source of truth for your organization’s entire facility inspections work. Walk inspectors and surveyors through the AkitaBox reporting, or export your data to prove the work your teams have been doing.

Inspection Software Features

Revit-Based Visual Platform

AkitaBox has an optional integration with AutoDesk’s industry leading Revit software. This allows you to easily integrate your floor plans directly into AkitaBox for easy updates and asset locating. When your floor plan is updated in Revit, it will be updated in AkitaBox. 

Now you can complete rounds in the same screen as your digital floor plans with asset pins, making it easy to find each stop within an inspection.

Automated Inspection Schedules

Put together recurring inspection schedules that automatically create assigned work orders for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual checks.

Custom Rounds

Build customized rounds for each of your buildings and floors with specific instructions and asset information.

Build-Your-Own Forms

Create custom inspection checklists and forms in minutes. A wide range of response types meet any inspection program’s needs.

Address Corrective Measures

Create and complete associated work orders from the field, providing documentation that failed inspections have been corrected.

Inspections Reporting

View inspection progress across your portfolio with the ability to drill deeper into specific programs and buildings.

Ready to Take Compliance to the Next Level?

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