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From Cost Savings to Compliance: How Collecting Facilities Data Pays Off

March 23, 2023
Explore the 8 strategic advantages of collecting and maintaining facilities data - including better resource…

How to Use Data to More Effectively Manage Your Facility’s Lifecycle

March 14, 2023
Let’s face it: facility data could be better. Building owners are often still using spreadsheets…

Webinar | Level Up Your Capital Planning Strategy

March 13, 2023
Apr 18, 2023 - 1pm CT -- Learn how capital planning with real-time, accurate facility…

How to Create a Custodial Cleaning Plan That Actually Works

March 8, 2023
Here's how to use facility data to create a productive custodial cleaning plan without expensive…

On-Demand Webinar | 30 Minutes with the Product Desk: Leverage Facility Condition Data for Better Lifecycle Management

March 6, 2023
Watch this demo to see how a great asset capture app and FCA software can…

On-Demand Webinar | Extend the Business Value of Data Across AEC Firms and Building Owners

February 23, 2023
Learn how new technology better connects AEC firms and building owners with facility data that…

On-Demand Webinar | From Cradle to Grave: Use Data to More Effectively Manage Your Facility’s Lifecycle

February 22, 2023
Don’t let valuable facility intel slip through your fingers. Learn how to access to real-time…

Prepare for a More Successful Year with AkitaBox

February 9, 2023
As your facilities change, your AkitaBox needs may change as well. Here’s how to plan…
Case Study

Blessing Health Case Study – Ending the Confusion of Complex Asset Relationships with Innovative Mapping

February 6, 2023
Learn how Blessing Health System uses AkitaBox to efficiently track assets and have immediate knowledge…

Using AkitaBox in the Field: the Right Tools for the Job

February 2, 2023
The more convenient you make AkitaBox for the folks in the field, the more your…

5 Reasons Why AEC Firms Use AkitaBox FCA Software

January 26, 2023
Create living FCAs with ease. End the inefficiencies in your FCA process. Deliver lasting results.…

How to Leverage the Lifecycle of Facilities Data for Capital Planning

January 19, 2023
Healthy facilities data equals more effective capital planning. Here are 3 ways to ensure your…

How Technology Is Advancing Capital Planning

January 14, 2023
Learn how new FCA technology provides real-time visibility - making it a powerful capital planning…

AkitaBox: Our Name Explained

January 11, 2023
“AkitaBox” - what a weird name, right? What does it mean? And what the heck…

Best Facilities Management Blog Posts of 2022

December 28, 2022
Check out our 10 most-visited, most-read, most popular blog posts from 2022, covering capital planning,…