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AkitaBox Pulse Software

The heartbeat of your facilities

What is AkitaBox Pulse

A single platform manages facility condition assessments, work orders, inspections, preventive maintenance, capital planning, and more. It’s the complete solution for facility optimization.

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The All-in-one Solution for Facility Management & Optimization

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Asset Management & Capture

Location-based asset mapping that helps visualize facilities management. Get instant access to your facility and asset information anytime, anywhere. Experience dynamic, digital facility mapping that mirrors your physical buildings. Plus, enjoy a central repository for facility documents.

Key Features

  • AutoDesk® Revit integration
  • 2D digital floor plans
  • Location-based asset mapping
  • OCR technology – text recognition that pulls text from photos
  • Asset and space inventory
  • Historical asset data
  • Asset relationships
  • Customizable data fields
  • Document management

Work Order Management & Preventive Maintenance

Streamline your reactive and preventive maintenance tasks for better facilities management.

Manage, track, and complete your most vital work in a straightforward work order management system. Create custom preventive maintenance programs in seconds for your most vital tasks.

Key Features

  • Service request portal
  • Work order software
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Calendar view
  • Maintenance reporting dashboard
  • Mobile availability

Occupant Experience Portal

Improve collaboration and occupant experience with our all-in-one communication hub.

Reduce response times for service requests and close out tasks quickly using AkitaBox’s occupant portal.

It offers facility teams a single place to communicate on their maintenance activities.

Key Features

  • Easily field occupant requests and manage work orders
  • Provide personalized updates
  • User-friend interface allows building tenants to easily enter maintenance requests
  • Tenants can send and receive follow-up messages with the facilities team, and see the status of their service tickets.


Visualize and streamline your inspection processes, so you can maintain safe and healthy facilities for everyone. Make your daily, weekly, and monthly inspections more efficient. Enjoy real-time views into all your inspections. Gain hours back in your week with an automated, fully digital inspection program.

Key Features

  • Revit-based visual platform
  • Automated inspection schedules
  • Custom rounds
  • Build-your-own forms
  • Address corrective measures
  • Inspections reporting

Capital Management

Take the pain out of capital planning and project your future capital needs with confidence. Use real-time data to predict future facility needs. Communicate more effectively with the budget bosses, and increase net operating income (NOI).

Key Features

  • RSMeans data integration
  • 30-year cost projections
  • High risk project identification
  • Continuous condition updates
  • Portfolio FCI
  • Visual reporting dashboard

Facility Condition Assessments

Whether you conduct your own FCAs in-house or have an AEC firm do them for you, our FCA component lets you manage your facility condition assessment results in the same platform as the rest of your facilities information within AkitaBox.

Key Features

  • Tablet-enabled assessments with the AkitaBox Capture App
  • Step-by-step guidance for field teams
  • Integrated cost estimation
  • Location-based notes and photos
  • Streamlined report building
  • Clean and dynamic FCA reports
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Application Programming Interface (API)

The AkitaBox API makes it easy to retrieve important asset information you’ve collected using our platform, including customized data fields and attached photos and documents.

You can also create and track the status of work orders associated with important tasks, service requests, preventive maintenance, or inspection programs.

AkitaBox Pulse Is for:

Senior Executives

End unexpected capital spend and precisely predict capital spending needs to create more accurate budget forecasts.

Operations/Facility Managers

Get a direct sightline into the efficiency of your team and your assets. Easily pinpoint and address areas where your team is spending too much time or money.

Facility Teams

No more messing with pen and paper or spreadsheets. Enjoy tablet-enabled, real-time access to all facility data. Quickly input, search, or sort data in one streamlined platform.

With AkitaBox Pulse You Can:

  • End the confusion of scattered, untracked information in spreadsheets and databases
  • Easily navigate all of your facilities data from a single solution
  • Make more informed decisions based on reliable data
  • Receive constant, real-time data on your facilities
  • Better inform your FCA and compliance inspections
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One tool to rule them all

Asset Management

Oversee your work orders and preventive maintenance program. Easily identify problem assets and maintenance trends. More confidently determine the cost-effectiveness of keeping or replacing an asset.


Instantly find the current condition of an asset, what sort of maintenance has been done on it, if it meets compliance standards, or if there are still outstanding issues to address.

Occupant Satisfaction

Maintain transparency between your facility teams and occupants regarding maintenance ticket requests. Keep your facility manager engaged with tactical staff and occupants to better fulfill the mission of your buildings.

Capital Planning

Access all necessary data for solid capital planning in one system. Base your planning and budgeting on aggregated work order and preventive maintenance tasks in your facility.

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