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AkitaBox Feature Videos


What Is AkitaBox?

See what the AkitaBox platform does and how it helps facilities teams.


Location-based Asset Mapping

Goodbye to time lost searching and welcome to a new future of time saved, while doing.


Preventive Maintenance Management

Future-proof your facility maintenance and stay ahead of the curve.


Work Order Management

 Remove the uncertainty of paper-based work orders and focus on cooperation.


Document Management

Flexible file access from a digital vault system, rather than a traditional folder structure.


Service Request Portal

Get the job done while keeping your occupants happy.


Enterprise Maintenance Reporting

Properly communicate your accomplishments and facility needs from here on out.


AkitaBox Inspections Software

Evolved facility inspection processes for safer, healthier, and more compliant facilities.


AkitaBox Capital Management

A powerhouse of asset life-cycle, condition and risk data.


AkitaBox Room & Asset Relationships

Speed up response times in emergency situations with upstream and downstream asset relationships.


AkitaBox Deepclean Assurance

Keep your occupants safe and continue to keep your facility’s cleanliness transparent.


AkitaBox FCA Pulse

Complete projects faster while delivering a better product that gives you an edge on your competition.

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