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Welcome to the ultimate FCA software for creating and maintaining a living FCA. Easy, fully digitized data capture. Powerful reporting. A standardized assessment process. Integration with AkitaBox facilities management software. It’s the FCA the way it should be.

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AkitaBox FCA for AEC Firms

FCAs Made Easy

Better FCAs with less effort

From start to finish, AkitaBox FCA makes your assessment process more efficient, streamlined, and accessible. Save hours – even days- of time thanks to incredibly easy onsite data capture and report generation.

Gather Onsite Information Faster

  • Digital floor plans and asset mapping provide a step-by-step guide through the facility.
  • Field teams can access plans and input data using our FCA app on a tablet or smartphone.

“McKinstry is partnering with AkitaBox to enhance our facility condition assessment and asset data collection, analysis, and reporting. AkitaBox brings a set of capabilities that complement our existing tools and methodologies while advancing our ability to achieve greater efficiency and improve deliverables for our clients. ”

Casey MorrisNational Facility Assessment Leader, McKinstry

Easy Digital Data Collection with Capture App

What is the AkitaBox Capture App? It’s what makes collecting facilities data with AkitaBox so painless. The Capture App is the ultimate tool for compiling information about your assets – and it’s built right into our platform.

  • Tag asset locations on your digital floor plan
  • Add photos, manufacturer information, current condition, and other data for each asset
  • Click on an asset pin to immediately call up all available data for that asset
  • Gather accurate information for reporting and sort data easily
  • Learn its simple interface in minutes
  • Do it all from your smartphone or tablet

Organize Data Offsite More Quickly

  • Add location-based notes, upload photos, scan asset information using text recognition, and record recommended actions in real time during the assessment.
  • Create custom data fields to track the information that’s most important to your client. 
  • Easily share data between teams and departments for input.

Present More Meaningful Results with FCA Insights Reporting Engine

  • Gather assessment outcomes into dynamic dashboards with just a few clicks.
  • Generate easy-to-understand results and spending recommendations for building owners.
  • Bring greater value to your clients with fully usable results to empower data-driven decision-making.
  • Uncover more revenue-generating opportunities to partner on with clients.
  • Simplify the process of handing over the FCA report to building owners.

“We’re finding that AkitaBox helps us offer a more detailed, granular approach than other solutions. We also like that we’re building something that has a longer value than just a report. With AkitaBox, not only do we have a report, but also a live platform for the data to inform decisions and optimize the facility.”

Travis EppersonVice President, Impact DM

With AkitaBox You Can

  • Improve win rates and revenue with our easy-to-use FCA software solution
  • Optimize data collection, increasing assessment accuracy, efficiency, and consistency
  • Eliminate reliance on time-consuming manual processes with tablet-enabled assessments
  • Convert results and recommendations into a meaningful dashboard for your customers
  • Increase ongoing engagement with your clients using findings from the FCA
See For Yourself

AkitaBox FCA Features

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Tablet-enabled Assessments

Trying to juggle a digital camera, a clipboard, pen, and multiple sheets of paper while collecting data for an FCA probably makes you wish you had two extra hands.

AkitaBox FCA software is accessible from your tablet, meaning you can snap and upload photos, record condition data, and add recommendations without having to lug around extra equipment.

Offline capability means never losing your work flow either in those basements or in remote locations. Have you ever lost work when the wi-fi cuts out? Never again.

Our FCA data capture app was built for speed. We recognize that every extra click adds up to be time wasted out in the field. We continue to refine and improve the FCA data gathering process. After all, time is money.

Step-by-step Guidance for Field Teams

Digital floor plans and asset mapping provide a step-by-step guide through the facility. After the initial capture of room and asset information is added to the platform, updating an FCA is a snap.

AkitaBox digital floor plans include pins to represent every asset, showing you exactly where to go and what assets to visit in each room as part of an FCA.

Easily add photos and notes and pin them to specific spots on the floor plan for future reference. Once added to AkitaBox, this data can support inspections and maintenance activities at the client site. Your building owners will love the fact that they’re getting more than just a three-ring binder.

Integrated Cost Estimation

AkitaBox FCA is connected directly to a cost database. When you identify an asset that needs replacing, you can pull up the cost data while still within the platform and associate that cost with the asset in question. No more having to look up costs separately and manually input them into your FCA.

Once you’ve created your estimates, we give you flexible tools to adjust them based on your building’s specific location or it’s complexities.

Your FCA expertise combined with the power of a cost estimation database will help you deliver the fast and accurate FCA reports that your clients will love.

Location-based Notes and Photos

Here’s where things get really cool. AkitaBox FCA not only lets you take photos and add notes in real-time while you’re out in the field gathering information. It also enables you to associate those photos and notes with each asset as you go. Need to record a water pump? Create the asset, pin it to the correct location, then fill in the corresponding information and attach photos. You’re done!

Oh, and don’t worry about trying to correctly type in all the numbers and letters on a manufacturer tag. Our text recognition technology means you can just take a picture of the tag, the software will identify any text, and then automatically pull it into the correct data fields for the asset you’re working with. Neat, huh?

Robust Reporting Capabilities

Create knock-their-socks-off final FCA reports. Our FCA Insights reporting engine is a BI (business insights) tool directly integrated into the AkitaBox system. No more manually transferring FCA data between multiple tools to generate results.

With FCA Insights, creating and using facility assessment reports and analytical insights is easier than ever before. It helps analyze the raw data and then organize it into meaningful visuals.

With just a few clicks, create all manner of custom reports – from how many assets are past their expected life spans to which equipment will be most expensive to replace.

And when we say reports, we don’t mean columns of numbers that are difficult to decipher. Our reports are visual, simple, and straightforward – all displayed in a professional, customizable dashboard.

Speed up and simplify your FCA report building process. Deliver easy-to-understand results your clients can use to make data-driven decisions. Do it all in AkitaBox.

Integrates with AkitaBox Platform and Capital Management

AkitaBox FCA software (including the FCA Insights reporting engine) is directly integrated with AkitaBox Capital Management software and AkitaBox Platform (asset & maintenance management).

That means the FCA data you collect and the results you put together feed directly into your client’s AkitaBox facilities management system. It’s easy for your clients to view and manipulate their FCA data.

They can also keep the FCA data current as work orders, inspections results, and other information from the AkitaBox platform feed into the data – resulting in a living FCA.

A living FCA means:

  • Data is easier to access and validate on a recurring basis
  • No need to start over from scratch re-collecting data for a new FCA
  • The results don’t sit on a shelf collecting dust – they become a valuable part of everyday FM actions

AkitaBox FCA for Building Owners & Operators

Whether you partner with an AEC firm to conduct FCAs or do your own in-house, AkitaBox FCA software delivers a living FCA that powers more accurate budgeting and capital planning.

A Living FCA

  • FCA data is connected to your AkitaBox facilities management software
  • Easy to keep the information up-to-date as assets age and change
  • No more time-consuming, costly, start-from-scratch FCAs every several years

Full Visibility into Your FCA Results

  • Powerful data analysis thanks to our FCA Insights reporting engine
  • Clean, clear visual representations of your FCA data
  • Understand your FCI, renewal costs, condition status, and more at a glance

Integration with the Complete AkitaBox System

  • Part of AkitaBox Pulse, our comprehensive FM software
  • Fully integrated with our capital management, asset & maintenance management, and inspection tools
  • All your facilities data in one place
  • Quickly resolve issues uncovered in your FCA by scheduling maintenance right from AkitaBox

Dependable Data for Better Capital Planning

  • Conduct your capital planning based on accurate, in-depth, up-to-date facility condition data
  • Create more precise budgets and capital spending projections
  • Have the data to explain and defend budget requests to leadership with confidence

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  • Gather onsite information easily with our Capture App
  • Find estimated costs in a flash with a direct connection to the RSMeans database
  • Organize results into easy-to-understand reports with our FCA Insights reporting engine

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