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Facility Condition Assessment Software

FCAs Made Easy

AkitaBox delivers Facility Condition Assessment Reports that accelerate your facility management with actionable insights from the boiler room to the boardroom.


AkitaBox in Your Facility Management Program

AkitaBox delivers an unrivaled software used to assess, then optimize the operation and condition of facilities.

FCAs can be further leveraged by our suite of solutions, including Capital Management, Asset Management, Inspections, and more.

AkitaBox Powered by AWS, RSMeans, and Revit


Easily collect and present FCAs to customers on-demand

With AkitaBox you can:

  • Improve win rates with our easy to use FCA software solution
  • Create ongoing engagement with clients, allowing you to level out your workloads
  • Turn BIM data into meaningful capital planning insights
  • Generate clean and dynamic FCA reports quickly with configurable data collection tools
  • Perform tablet-enabled assessments and eliminate reliance on time-consuming paper processes
FCA Replacement Cost iPad Mockup

View the AkitaBox FCA  Data Sheet


AkitaBox FCA Software Features


Tablet-enabled assessments

Two-Way Communication-1

Step-by-step guidance for field teams


Integrated RSMeans® cost data


Location-based notes and photos


Streamlined report building


Clean and dynamic FCA reports


Facility Data-1

Integrates with AkitaBox Platform and Capital Management

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