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Facility Condition Assessment Software

AkitaBox FCA Pulse delivers deeper data insights that drive client stickiness

Improve RFP win rates through a better FCA solution

Your FCA business is driven by RFPs. But consistently winning is hard when everyone offers similar services.

FCA Pulse makes bids stand out through dynamic reports chalk full of deep insights and location-based notes, photos, and assessments.

AkitaBox is the partner who helps you meet evolving requirements and improve win rates for your FCA business.

Easily collect and present FCAs to customers on-demand

Build continuity in client relationships

If it feels like you have to start from scratch when engaging existing clients, it's time for a new solution.

AkitaBox FCA Pulse builds continuity into your client relationships, allowing you to level out workloads over time. Work closer with clients to understand their ongoing consulting needs and unlock future business.

FCA Replacement Cost iPad Mockup

Download the AkitaBox FCA Pulse Data Sheet


Collect assessments at the speed of walking through buildings

Eliminate reliance on time-consuming spreadsheets and manual processes.

Teams can work online or offline to collect and record critical assessments in any building location, while assessments, photos, and notes can be pinned on floor plans so you never have to worry about forgetting where those came from.

FCA Floor Plan Assset Section Mockup

AkitaBox FCA Pulse Features


Tablet-enabled assessments

Two-Way Communication-1

Step-by-step guidance for field teams


Integrated RSMeans® cost data


Location-based notes and photos


Streamlined report building


Clean and dynamic FCA reports


Facility Data-1

Integrates with AkitaBox Platform and Capital Management

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