Welcome to the Future of the Facility Condition Assessment

Traditional Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) are static — snapshots of a facility at one moment in time. They’re outdated as soon as they’re published, providing little long-term value.

The FCA of the future is a living entity. You continuously update the original FCA data, keeping it in sync with the actual condition of the facility. It provides always-current facilities information you can leverage for maintenance and capital planning insights year after year.

Learn how to bring your FCAs to life.

Harness the full power of your facilities data with an easy-to-navigate FCA. Integrate your FCA results with the rest of your facilities information for a complete picture of your buildings’ condition.

  • FCA data delivered in a format you can keep updating over time
  • Real-time facility data for more accurate capital planning
  • Location-based visibility into your asset and condition data

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Blow away the competition with high-value FCAs. Eliminate those time-consuming paper processes and drive up your RFP win rates with FCA software.

  • Gather onsite information faster and more accurately
  • Convert data into more meaningful results for clients
  • Provide unique value to your clients that fosters additional engagement

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