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Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023

December 28, 2023

From AI’s growing presence in facilities management to exciting advancements in data collection and facility assessments, 2023 was another full of changes and improvements in the world of FM. Our most popular blog posts from 2023 reflect our readers’ interest in these topics.

Please enjoy the 12 top blog posts from the year. And thank you for following our blog!

How to Leverage the Lifecycle of Facilities Data for Capital Planning

Your facility data is a living thing with its very own lifecycle: design/construction, to operations, to the next construction project. The valuable information you collect and maintain in each stage feeds directly into the next stage. The more smoothly this data flows through the lifecycle, the more easily and effectively you can manage your facilities. So how do you properly maintain that lifecycle so you have what you need for capital planning? Keep reading.

FCAs: A Path Forward for Contractors in a Tough Economy

Whether due to a recession or just fear of a recession, building owners are making different decisions these days. The cost of capital is forcing many of them to reconsider ground-up projects and make do with their existing facilities instead. As a result, the new construction pipeline is slowing or shrinking in many markets and verticals. Without strong demand for new construction, firms must find other ways to bring in capital. Read more.

AkitaBox: Our Name Explained

“AkitaBox” – what a weird name, right? What does it mean? And what the heck does it have to do with facilities management? Let us explain.

Identifying and Measuring KPIs for Facilities Management

AkitaBox’s Vice President of Customer Experience, Kristina Luell, helps facilities teams develop meaningful KPIs for their unique operations and guides them in how to use facilities management software to measure and monitor their KPIs. In this article, she discusses key KPI terms, common KPIs in facilities management, and how to choose which KPIs to focus on. Bring on the KPIs.

From Cost Savings to Compliance: How Collecting Facilities Data Pays Off

Collecting (and maintaining) facilities data – such as asset condition, maintenance logs, inspection results, energy efficiency, and repair vs. replacement costs – gives you clear visibility into what’s happening in your buildings today and what you need to plan for tomorrow. There are loads of advantages you get from good facilities data. In this post, we explore 8 of them. Take me there.

Data: The Ultimate Tool to Reach Your ESG Goals

Organizations realize that reducing their environmental impacts can save them money, keep them in compliance with increasingly climate-friendly government regulations, and even make them more desirable to potential customers and employees. Facilities managers need to start preparing now for more ESG initiatives and requirements – because like it or not, they’re coming. But where should you even start? What can you do right now to get the wheels turning? Keep reading.

5 Tips for Smoother Facilities Data Collection

Whether you’re collecting your own facilities data or using a partner to do it, a little preparation can make the entire process faster and more effective. AkitaBox Technical Implementation Specialist Kevin “Wizard” Nelson has been involved in facilities data collection for 10 years – these are his top tips to make the experience as smooth as possible. Learn Wizard’s wisdom.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Facilities Professionals

From Christmas and birthdays to World Facilities Management Day and Maintenance Appreciation Week, there are so many opportunities to thank your facilities colleagues with a gift or two. But what to give them? This gift guide has great ideas in every price range for everyone on the team, including construction workers, facility managers & building operators, grounds workers, building technicians (HVAC, plumbers, electricians, etc.), and custodial & janitorial staff. Go shopping.

Leverage Your Growing Influence as a Facilities Manager in Higher Ed

The 2023 State of Facilities in Higher Ed Report reveals that facilities departments continue to play a central role in post-pandemic decision making. Historically undervalued by campus leadership, facilities managers are now taking the lead in determining the smartest ways to invest institutional resources. In other words, it’s your time to shine. How can you leverage your influence to lead your school into a better future? Let’s find out.

AI Insights: Why the Facilities Industry Needs to Give a Damn about AI

AI brings possibilities as well as perils. But if we let fear control us, we’ll miss out on the many exciting ways AI can improve facilities management. It’s ok to approach AI with a bit of caution and be thoughtful in how you choose to leverage it. Just don’t bury your head in the sand and hope AI passes you by – because it’s definitely here to stay. AkitaBox President Derek Blackmore breaks down how AI supports facilities management. Read more.

Improving Data Visualization in Facility Assessments

Charts and graphs are an important (and expected) component of a completed facility assessment. Building owners and facility managers are depending on you (their assessment provider) to organize that data into something they can understand at a glance. Do that right and you’ll have happy clients. Get it wrong and you could lose business. So let’s explore what you need to know about data visualization and how you can improve the ways you showcase assessment information. Show me.

AI Insights: How AI Can Support the Facilities Teams of the Future

With AI becoming more of a reality in facilities management, many building operators are asking themselves questions such as: Can AI help me be more proactive? Gain efficiencies? Prevent costly malfunctions? And how do I start leveraging AI to help me do all those things? Phil Miller, chief operating officer and assistant director of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board for the Ohio Statehouse, and Josh Lowe, AkitaBox’s Chief Solution Engineer, dive into these questions in this article. Keep reading.

Betsy Francoeur

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