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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Facilities Professionals

November 22, 2023

From Christmas and birthdays to World Facilities Management Day and Maintenance Appreciation Week, there are so many opportunities to thank your facilities colleagues with a gift or two. But what to give them?

This gift guide has great ideas in every price range for everyone on the team, including:

Price range key
$ = least expensive
$$ = mid-range
$$$ = most expensive

Gifts for Construction Workers

When shopping for someone in the construction industry, think: sturdy, practical, and protection from the elements.

Heated Vest

Price: $$$
Ibex Mens Heated Workwear Vest
Great on its own or for layering under a jacket. Bonus: this particular brand uses recycled plastic. Every vest removes 10 ocean-bound pieces of plastic.

Thermal Neck Warmer

Price: $
Ergodyne Nferno 6960 Fleece Neck Gaiter 
Stop cold air from getting under your collar. This lightweight, breathable material keeps you warm without overheating and sweating. Can be used as a scarf, neckerchief, or mask.

Work Boots

Price: $$$
Red Wing Shoes
Every construction worker appreciates a quality pair of work boots – especially if they don’t have to “foot” the bill themselves. Red Wing boots are a trusted brand in the industry. Plus, Red Wing’s voucher program makes it easy to outfit your entire team.

Fleece-lined Work Pants

Price: $$
Duluth Trading Company Fire Hose Work Pants
These pants are stronger than an angry beaver with plenty of pockets and a comfortable fit. They’re lined with sweat-wicking 100% polyester fleece to keep you toasty warm during those frigidly cold Wisconsin winters.

Work Gloves

Price: $
Klein Tools Leather Work Gloves
You can never have too many pairs of durable gloves as a construction worker. Water proof, cut proof, heated, lined, leather, latex coated – there’s a glove out there for every possible need. These premium leather gloves feature moisture-wicking fabric and are great for a variety of tasks.

Hard Hat Bag

Price: $
Bad Ass Work Gear Oilfield Hard Hat Bag
A convenient way to protect and carry a hard hat. This particular bag is great for hard hats or work boots. It’s vinyl, made in the USA, and can even be personalized with initials.

Tool Backpack

Price: $-$$
Northern Tool AWP Backpack Tool Bag
Loads of pockets make these backpacks a convenient way to carry around necessary tools. This one from Northern Tool is rugged, yet affordable. You can even fill the backpack with little essentials like batteries for portable tools, carpenters pencils, good pens, and sharpies.

Mini Cooler

Price: $$$
Yeti Hopper Flip 18 Soft Cooler
The Yeti Hopper is a durable, leak-proof, well-insulated cooler with enough space for lunch and plenty of water and soda for the day. It comes in 3 sizes and a variety of colors.

Gift Card

Price: $$
For the person who’s hard to shop for or already seems to have it all, gift cards to the rescue. A gift card to your local Home Depot, Cabela’s, or hardware store lets your recipient treat themselves to exactly what they want.

Gifts for Facilities Managers & Building Operators

Managers and C-level directors are more about tech than tools. They’re sending emails, creating reports, analyzing data, building budgets, and doing the computer-heavy side of facilities management.

Screen Cleaner

Price: $
ScreenKlean Plus
Keep screens clean, professional-looking, and ready for anything. An effective, easy-to-carry screen cleaner like ScreenKlean removes fingerprints and facial oils from iPads, tablets, e-books, and other larger screens without liquids or cloths.

Wallet-sized Phone Charger

Price: $$
ChargeCard Wireless Phone Charger
Never run out of juice with this slim, credit card-sized charger. The built in type-C recharging cable charges iPhones, iPads, Androids, and other wireless devices on the go. It’s a power source that fits in a pocket or wallet.

Universal Smartphone & Tablet Holder

Price: $
This handy stand holds just about any mobile device – even if the device is in a case. It also lets you view your devices at 45, 70, and 90 degree angles. Plus it comes in a variety of fun styles and colors.

Silly Mug

Price: $
Facility Manager Mug
Bring a bit of humor to a facility manager’s day with a customized mug. Etsy has a treasure trove of different ones to choose from.

Funny Shirt

Price: $
Let the whole world know how awesome facilities managers are with an amusing t-shirt. Zazzle has a variety of shirts – from somewhat serious to straight up silly.

Phone Case

Price: $$
Otterbox Defender Series
A sturdy yet stylish phone case is perfect for the on-the-go facilities manager. Otterbox is a popular brand in the construction and facilities industries, offering a big selection of sizes, colors, and levels of protection.

Tool Pen

Price: $
Montevarde One-Touch Stylus Tool Ballpoint Pen
Give your facilities manager a pen that works as hard as they do. This all-purpose pen has a ballpoint at one end and a touch screen stylus on the other, plus three rulers, a built-in level, and Philips and flathead screwdrivers.

Ergonomic Mouse

Price: $$
Logitech Lift Mouse
Managers and directors spend a lot of time on the computer. Help make that time more comfortable with an ergonomic mouse. This particular model is wireless, compatible with Apple products, and includes 54% certified post-consumer recycled plastic.

Laptop Cleaner

Price: $
Oxo Sweep & Swipe Laptop Cleaner
Computer and laptop keyboards can be 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Yuck! This laptop cleaning tool includes a brush to swipe away crumbs and dust in the keyboard as well as a microfiber pad to remove smudges from the screen.

Digital Photo Frame

Price: $$
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
A digital photo frame like this one from Frameo is a great addition to your manager’s desk. It displays both photos and videos. The Frameo app lets you control what appears in the frame – plus, friends and family can also send photos to the frame using the app.

Custom Bobble Head

Price: $$ – $$$
Custom Bobble Heads on Etsy
Turn your favorite facilities manager into a bobble head. Just include a few photos of your manager when you order and the artist does the rest. A unique gift that’s sure to be a hit.

Gifts for Grounds Workers

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail keeps grounds workers from ensuring our outdoor spaces are safe, clean, and beautiful. Protection from the elements is key for these employees – whether the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Pro tip: Just about anything from Duluth Trading Company makes a great gift for these employees.

Work Gloves

Price: $-$$
Duluth Trading Company Durahog Insulated Work Gloves
Tough gloves are essential in this line of work. This pair from Duluth Trading Company is moisture resistant and reinforced at the knuckles, palms, and fingers. Inside, a plush fleece lining adds warmth. They’re even touchscreen-capable.

Traction Cleats

Price: $-$$
Erdogyne TREX 6325 Spikeless Traction Devices
Cleats fit over work boots to help prevent slips and falls in slippery conditions. Some have spikes and some are spikeless. Spikeless cleats like these easily transition from outdoors to indoors without scratching surfaces.

Toe Warmers

Price: $
Hot Sockee Neoprene Toe Warmers
Keep toes warm inside shoes or boots with Hot Sockee neoprene toe warmers. They’re thin enough they can be worn over a regular sock without adding extra bulk.

Chilling Bandana

Price: $
Erdogyne Chill-Its 6615 Performance Bandana
A lifesaver on a hot day. This bandana wicks away sweat and dries fast. It also includes a built-in terry cloth headband to keep sweat out of your eyes. Can be worn under ball caps and hard hats.

O’Keeffe’s Gift Box

Price: $
O’Keeffe’s Gift Box
Help hard-working hands and feet feel better. The O’Keeffe’s brand has become synonymous with extra strength skin repair. This gift box set includes the Cooling Relief Lip Repair Stick, Working Hands Cream, and Healthy Feet Cream.

Boot Brush

Price: $$
Duluth Trading Company Original Scrusher Brush
A few back-and-forths in this heavy duty boot brush cleans off dirt and debris so it doesn’t get tracked inside. Boot brushes come in varying sizes, styles, and price ranges. This one from Duluth Trading Company is a great mid-range brush – and it’s made in Wisconsin.

Boot Dryer

Price: $$
Peet Dryer Original Electric Dryer
Nobody likes putting on wet boots. A boot dryer like this one quietly dries boots and shoes overnight. It’s safe to use on all materials and uses less electricity than a low wattage household light bulb.

Gifts for Building Technicians (General, HVAC, Plumber, Electrician, etc.)

Whether a jack of all trades or a specialist, building technicians are all about gadgets – tools and equipment that make their jobs easier and safer. Pro tip: Acme Tools has tons of great gizmos and is a popular supplier among facilities professionals.

Keychain Amperage Detector

Price: $
KC Tool NWS Contactless Voltage Tester
This type of tester tells you if voltage is present – which is useful to know when troubleshooting a failed asset. It’s contactless and small enough to fit on a keychain or lanyard.

Digital Tape Measure

Price: $$$
REEKON T1 Tomahawk Digital Tape Measure
A dependable tape measure is a technician’s best friend. This digital tape measure does it all. It displays internal measurements, relative measurements (0 from any point on the tape measure), as well as centerfinding. It can switch between inches, feet, millimeters, centimeters, or inches. Plus, it’s accurate beyond 1/32” and laser aligned.


Price: $
Kelvin 17 Everyday Multi-tool
A multi-tool is like having an entire toolbox in your hand. This particular multi-tool has 17 functionalities, including a hammer, liquid level, LED flashlight, tape measure, screwdriver, and various screw head bits.

Smartphone Mount

Price: $
Always keep your phone handy with the Tenikle suction mount. Compatible with all phones (even with cases), it sticks to any surface while the flexible arms can bend, wrap, hang, or stand straight.


Price: $$
Everlyte 2-in-1 Headlamp & Flashlight
A hands-free headlamp makes working in dark or cramped quarters easier – or atleast brighter. With the Everlyte headlamp, slip it on with the adjustable headband, turn it on with a wave of your hand, and light up the dark with 350 lumens and a 230-degree field of view.

Adjustable Drill

Price: $$
Apex Drill
A cordless drill that pivots on a hinge makes working in awkward or hard-to-reach places much easier. This model is both a drill and electric screwdriver. It’s 42 tools in one, including 30 screwdrivers and 12 socket wrenches. It even comes with a built-in flashlight and a magnetic tip that keeps the drill bits securely fastened.

Magnetic Wristband

Price: $
RAK Magnetic Wristband
Never lose a nail, screw, nut, bolt, or drill bit again. This magnetic wristband contains 10 extra-strong magnets to keep small metal items secure and within easy reach.

Measuring Tape

Price: $$
Easy Tape Smart Digital Tape Measure
This compact tool packs quite a punch. The Easy Tape digital measuring tape not only does traditional straight line measurement, but it also works really well on round, curved, or irregular surfaces.

Tool Advent Calendar

Price: $$
Haus of Tools Wera Advent Calendar
Give 25 days of tools with this Wera Tool advent calendar. It includes 9 chrome-plated L keys, a storage rack, and a magnetizer for magnetizing and demagnetizing screws and tool tips.

Chocolate Tools

Price: $$
Chocolate Tool Gift Box
This unique gift box is perfect for someone with a sweet tooth. It includes 5 realistic-looking tools made using milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

LED Flashlight Gloves

Price: $
Mylivell LED Flashlight Gloves
No need to fumble with a flashlight when you have a pair of these gloves. They’re adjustable to any hand size and batteries are included.

Gifts for Custodial & Janitorial Staff

Because these workers are on their feet most of the day, look for gifts that make walking more comfortable and support their mobility.

Quality Shoes

Price: $$-$$$
Good shoes are an absolute must in this line of work. If you happen to know the person’s shoe size and preferences, a quality pair of supportive, waterproof, non-slip shoes make a great gift. Otherwise, a gift card to a local or online janitorial shoe supplier like Shoes for Crews works, too.

Fitness Tracker

Price: $-$$
Fitbit Trackers
Help your custodians stay on top of their health (and brag about how many steps they take each day) with a fitness tracker. They come in a variety of styles, functionalities, and prices. Fitbit is a popular choice because it monitors multiple health markers, connects to your smartphone so you never miss a text or phone call, and is easy to use.

Foam Roller

Price: $-$$
Rogue Fitness RumbleRollers
Give the gift of less soreness. These RumbleRollers mimic thumb-like, deep tissue massage pressure, breaking up knotted muscle fibers, decreasing muscle tension, and diminishing tightness.

Acupressure Foot Massage Sandals

Price: $
BYRIVER Acupressure Sandals
After a long day on your feet, your soles deserve some TLC. These foot massage sandals contain 39 built-in massage buttons to stimulate acupuncture sites. They help improve circulation and relieve pain in the feet and lower back.

Personalized Water Bottle

Price: $-$$
Design-Your-Own Yeti Water Bottle
Turn a boring water bottle into something special by customizing it with special colors, designs, and the person’s name. Yeti water bottles are sturdy enough to stand up to heavy use in facilities environments and can be personalized in a number of fun ways.

Massage Gift Card

Price: $$
Massage therapy helps reduce muscle tension, increases joint mobility and flexibility, reduces stress, and so much more – not to mention it just feels good. Give the gift of self care with a gift card for a local massage provider.

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