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AkitaBox Expands Offline Capabilities with New Data Capture App

The AkitaBox software is helping organizations of all industries and sizes evolve how they manage and maintain their facilities. Our innovative and visual software provides an alternative to difficult-to-use CMMS and IWMS providers out in the market today.

At the core of our offering are our digital floor plans and location-based asset mapping, which provide a mirror of customers' physical buildings for quick access to their most vital asset data.

Collecting and uploading asset data is key to making these features valuable. For certain customers and facility types, this has been a challenge for both our internal data collection teams and customers who liked AkitaBox but weren't sure they would get the full value.

Introducing AkitaBox Data Capture

The first in our line of offline capabilities, AkitaBox Data Capture makes it possible for our internal data collection teams and customers to easily capture and upload asset data, pictures, and locations no matter where they are.

This new capability allows our data collection teams to work more efficiently in areas without good internet access such as mechanical rooms. This improves the speed of implementation and reduces the time data collectors spend onsite. Ultimately this allows us to deliver the AkitaBox software to our customers faster.

It also makes it possible for AkitaBox to capture an entire facility portfolio. Before capturing asset data in non-WiFi areas was difficult and sometimes impossible. Now, every asset can be captured and uploaded, providing facility teams with the data they need to maintain all their facilities.

Our goal at AkitaBox is to give owners and operators the facility and asset data they need, when they need it. AkitaBox Data Capture makes it possible to implement and add every asset in your facility, which then maximizes our location-based asset mapping feature. With the ability to pull any asset from anywhere, facility teams can better plan and prepare for their day.

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Growing AkitaBox Offline Capabilities

When managing large campuses and building portfolios, access to your facility data is imperative. There is nothing worse than driving across campus just to realize you don't have internet and can't get the information you need.

AkitaBox Data Capture is a big step forward for making our platform more connected and available for customers. With the ability to include an entire building portfolio in AkitaBox, owners and operators can manage facilities more efficiently and more strategically.

We understand the importance of offline capabilities for facility teams to complete their work out in the field. This is just the first step in our offline journey. Our teams are hard at work expanding how and when AkitaBox can be used in the field.

See how AkitaBox can help your organization

Interested in learning more about AkitaBox? Watch this video of the AkitaBox software in action or check out how our implementation process works.

If you'd like to chat about how AkitaBox can help you, one of our friendly team members is ready to chat at (608) 729-9191.

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