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Meet the First Complete Software for All Stages of a Facilities Assessment

June 28, 2023

If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you probably remember the “olden days” of facilities assessments.

Have any fond memories of juggling a digital camera in one hand (or for the real golden oldies, a disposable camera) and a notepad in the other as you went room to room gathering photos and notes? Remember when you’d spend hours in the office entering your notes into a data sheet and downloading and renaming all those photos? And then you had to spend even more time creating charts and graphs and putting together the final report.

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Even today, although some of the tools have gotten better, the process of conducting a facilities assessment hasn’t changed much. It’s incredibly time consuming, manual, and inefficient.

Thankfully, that’s all in the past as of today. Now there’s one tool that does facilities assessments from start to finish – from data collection to report generation.

AkitaBox Assessment Software – A Complete Solution

Meet the software that brings together all the elements of a facilities assessment into one easy-to-use tool. It’s an end-to-end solution for assessments.

AkitaBox assessment software includes four main components:

Data Collection

Simplify, standardize, and speed up data collection

Gather onsite asset data in seconds with the AkitaBox Capture mobile app. Snap and upload photos, record condition data, and add recommendations right on your tablet – even if you’re offline. You can associate those photos and notes with each asset as you go. Simply create the asset, pin it to the correct location on the digital floor plan, then fill in the corresponding information and attach photos.

Cost Estimation

Input your own or draw from industry-standard cost data

AkitaBox is connected directly to a cost database. Pull up the cost data while still within the platform and associate that cost with an asset.

No more looking up costs separately and manually inputing them into your assessment. You can also adjust costs based on the building’s geographic location or its complexities.

Data Analysis

Translate raw data into easy-to-understand, live dashboards

The AkitaBox Insights reporting engine is an integrated BI (business insights) tool. No more manually transferring assessment data between multiple tools to generate results. With just a few clicks, create a variety of reports – from how many assets are past their expected life spans to which equipment will be most expensive to replace. All your reports are displayed in a professional, customizable dashboard.

Report Building

Generate a professional, visually appealing client deliverable in minutes

When you’re ready to hand everything off to your client, use AkitaBox Report Builder to add notes as well as drag and drop data, graphs, and images to create a professional final report you can export.

5 Advantages of End-to-End Assessment Software

Increased Efficiency

  • Save time and labor
  • Photos and other data are connected from the start
  • Everything stays organized throughout the process and is easy to find
  • Create the same great charts and graphs you’d usually make in Excel without leaving AkitaBox

Fewer Errors

  • Stay in one system through the entire assessment process
  • Prevent inaccuracies that come with manually transferring data between programs

One Tool that Does it All

  • Do everything required for an assessment in one place
  • Say goodbye to extra interim stages between data collection and report building
  • Accomplish more with fewer steps and less manual work

Good For All Sorts of Assessments

  • Facility condition assessments (FCAs)
  • Asset inventory or updates
  • Energy audits
  • Energy, sustainability, governance (ESG)
  • Inspections & compliance tracking
  • Technology audits
  • Capital planning
  • Fire-Life-Safety audits
  • ADA compliance reporting
  • And so much more

Living Facility Condition Assessments

  • Connects to the AkitaBox facilities management platform
  • Everyday facilities data feeds into the FCA, keeping it alive and current
  • No need to start every new FCA from scratch
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Doesn’t Your Firm Deserve a Better Assessment Tool?

Whether your firm is thinking about getting into assessments or has been doing them for years, having a tool like AkitaBox can make you more competitive and profitable.

See for yourself. Schedule a demo to learn how AkitaBox can help your firm deliver assessments that’ll have your clients coming back for more. Plus, visit our FCA Resource Center for AEC Firms for tons more information on assessments – including ebooks, blog posts, and webinars.

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