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Build the Case for Investing in Facility Management Software

December 3, 2020

You’re ready to invest in facility management software (FMS). You know the positive impact software can have on your department and your organization, and you’re ready to get things rolling. What’s next?

Investing in a facility management software is a big deal. The right software can do wonders for your team’s overall efficiency, accuracy, and success, which could save your organization hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year.

However, it’s no secret that justifying the cost of a software investment can be difficult, especially when budgets are tight or there is a lack of buy-in from stakeholders.

In fact, our recent State of Facility Management survey revealed the following statistics:

  • 40% of facilities departments say they lack the budget to implement a facility management software.
  • 32% of facilities departments say they lack buy-in from leadership regarding a software’s ROI.

If these challenges sound familiar to your department, you’re not alone. It is possible to prove the merit of a facility management software and get stakeholders on board with your investment. Follow these three tips to get that buy-in from your budget holders if you’re looking to make the case for facility management software.

Step #1: Determine the ROI of a facility management software investment.

Having facility management software is all about being more efficient and responsive in your day-to-day maintenance routines. If a software will help your team gain back useful hours in the day and accomplish more tasks throughout the year, this investment will be well worth your department’s dollars.

Determining the return on investment (ROI) of software may seem difficult, but it’s easier than you may think. Start by determining how much time you and your team spend per month on the following:

  • Building reports
  • Searching for information
  • Waiting on instructions from a team member
  • Making multiple trips between job sites
  • Sorting through and filing paperwork

Facility management software can eliminate many of these administrative and manual processes so you can spend less time glued to your desktop computer and make the most of the time out in the field doing what matters most.

Need help creating a more robust case for facility management software ROI? See how much AkitaBox could save you and get a report to share with your budget holders.

Make the Case for FM Software Template

Step #2: Choose a software that does more than just work orders.

One of the best ways to gain stakeholder buy-in of facility management software is to show proof that a specific solution will fix multiple challenges and pain points your department faces.

In other words, you’ll want to show leadership that they’ll get a big bang for their buck even if the price point of your specific solution is higher than others on the market. Remember, cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to facility management software solutions, so invest in one that will help take your team to new heights and will continue to address your organization’s challenges as your business grows and evolves.

While few software options will meet all your team’s needs, you can still evaluate software options based on the flexibility to solve multiple key challenges. If your team already uses a CMMS or IWMS, choose a facility management software that pairs well with current systems to make your team more efficient and effective.

Step #3: Ensure your software is used to its full potential.

Nothing’s worse than making a big investment, only for the purchase to never be fully used or implemented. Here are a few tips we can offer to make sure your team takes full advantage of your software investment:

  • Find a facility management software provider who can complete the implementation for you. This way, your team won’t need to worry about doing any of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to software training or implementation.
  • Ensure that data within your software is truly accurate and reliable. If your team members don’t trust the data, they won’t use the software. Look for a facility management provider that provides data collection services, where they will come onsite to collect and verify your space and asset data to ensure accuracy within the software. Also, make sure your provider offers a Customer Success Manager to your team. This person will provide tailored training and conduct regular check-ins with your team.
  • Choose a software that’s going to be easy for your team to use. When it comes to software, usability is key. Your facility management software needs to be easy to learn and use, no matter your team’s technological skill set. Software that offers a simple design and intuitive workflows is much more likely to be used by your team than a clunky or outdated option.

To ensure your team’s continued success, conduct regular check-ins to ensure that everyone is getting the most out of your investment. If there is a feature they do not know of or understand how to use, this is an opportunity to help them learn and grow in their careers.

Get the Most Out of Your Software Investment

Choosing a facility management software is a major decision. Whether you’re considering your first one or looking to make a change, this investment can pay big dividends as long as you choose the best fit.

  • Need help gaining stakeholder buy-in? We’ve created an email template you can send to your supervisor regarding the benefits of investing in facility management software for your team. We hope the tips we’ve shared here will help you make a strong case for why investing in Facility Management Software is the right decision for your business.

If you’re looking for more speaking points on the benefits of facility management software (or simply looking to learn more about the ROI you’ll gain from your investment), here is a helpful webinar that covers these points more in depth!

Make the Case for FM Software Template

Mitch Comstock

Former Product Marketing Manager and Innovator for AkitaBox.

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