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Best Facilities Management Blog Posts of 2022

December 28, 2022

In 2022, we published more than 40 articles on everything from capital planning and facility condition assessments to risk management and deferred maintenance. Here are the 10 most-visited, most-read, most popular posts from 2022.

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Facility Condition Checklist: How to Index Your Building

Keeping aging facilities running smoothly is a vitally important task for today’s building owners and facilities managers. One of the most valuable tools for doing that is the facility condition assessment (FCA).

No matter the age of your building, an FCA provides an accurate picture of where your assets are in their useful operating life. This data helps you make smarter, more cost-effective decisions to support your building’s physical longevity. Read more.

FCA Checklist and Guide for Building Owners & Operators

10 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Facilities Team this Year

Give your facilities teams the recognition they deserve. Here are ten simple, but meaningful, ways to say “thank you” all year round. Keep reading.

Preventive Maintenance 101: How to Implement a Successful Program

If your team still operates on a reactive approach to maintenance, it’s time for a change. A strong preventive maintenance plan is the key to keeping your equipment in safe, operable condition. Use this guide to preventive maintenance as your one-stop shop for understanding and implementing a successful program of your own this year. Read more.

Best facilities management blog posts of 2022

The 2023 Facilities Management Conference Roundup by Industry

The most comprehensive listing of conferences covering facilities management, sustainability, safety and security, and architecture/engineering/construction. Continue reading.

5 Types of Building Management Software (and Which One You Should Use)

If your organization is researching building management software solutions, you’ve probably come across many acronyms in your search: CMMS, CAFM, IWMS, EAM — and the list only gets longer! Keeping these terms straight is one thing, but actually choosing the right building management software solution for your organization is an entirely different challenge.

Here are five of the most common facility management software types, what they do, and how they can help you meet your most critical operational goals. Read more.

Download - Facility Manager's Software Comparison Guide

4 Steps to Transforming Your Facilities Management Processes

Digitizing what you’ve always done isn’t going to help you reduce costs, improve occupant experience, or keep the C-suite happy. You need to rethink your processes with a transformative mindset.

Learn the difference between digitizing and truly transforming, discover the powerful benefits of transforming your facilities management processes, and find 4 key steps for starting your transformation journey. Read the full post.

Why Paper FCA Reports are No Longer Relevant

At the end of the day, printed FCAs aren’t all that helpful to anyone. The architect or engineer conducting the capital needs assessment has to re-do all their work from scratch every time a new assessment is needed. Meanwhile, the building owner is left without much usable data or insights. Keep reading.

Best facilities management blog posts for 2022

Facilities Professionals are Retiring: Here’s Why That Can Be a Good Thing

Retiring baby boomers get all the headlines. And while you probably have a few on your team, the actual median age of facilities managers is 50 years old, placing them squarely in Generation X. That means more than half of today’s FM practitioners will be eligible to retire in the next 5-15 years.

While the situation may look bleak on the surface, it’s actually a major opportunity to strengthen your facilities management – if you’re willing to change. Read more.

Capital Planning for Aging Higher Ed Facilities

Every school year brings higher ed facilities closer to needing major repairs and renewal. In fact, 30 percent of buildings in the Gordian database are already 10-25 years old. And according to APPA, as many as ¾ of facilities at some institutions are 30-40 years old and already past a first cycle of major renewal expenditures.

The planning that goes into replacing major components of your infrastructure isn’t something you can leave to the last minute. It typically takes years of preparation. These 3 steps can help you ensure you have budget dollars already in place by the time your next round of major replacements comes due. Keep reading.

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Defeating the Healthcare Deferred Maintenance Monster

Deferred maintenance. It’s a beast right up there with Smaug, Drogon, and the Jabberwocky. A real dragon. Especially in healthcare – where an asset failure can literally mean life or death for a patient – that dragon can strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest facility managers.

You may not be able to fully vanquish your deferred maintenance dragon (it’s just the nature of the beast). But you can still win by keeping the monster under control and too weak to endanger patient safety. Read the full post.

Bonus: 6 Ways Your AEC Firm is Losing Money by Not Using FCA Software

Think back to when AutoCAD, 3-D modeling, and BIM were new. The firms that were early adopters of these technologies continue reaping the benefits today – while those who took a “wait and see” approach are still playing catch up.

Facility condition assessment software is another tech tool that can bring long-term benefits to your firm. So if you aren’t using it yet, this is one bandwagon you should definitely jump on. Discover 6 ways you could be losing money by not using FCA software. Keep reading.


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