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5 Reasons Why AEC Firms Use AkitaBox FCA Software

January 26, 2023

Why should a building owner choose your AEC firm to do their FCA?

Every firm brings different advantages to the table. But if you can produce your unique version of an FCA more efficiently and provide results with long-term value, your FCA is going to stand out from the crowd.

If only there was a tool that did all that for you. Oh wait … there is. Have you heard of AkitaBox FCA software? It’s the secret ingredient for improving your process and delivering a stronger end product. Think of it like the easy button for FCAs.

Here are 5 ways it can transform your FCAs from good to freaking great.

Break Out of the Bottleneck of Data Collection

Onsite data collection is by far the most time consuming part of doing an FCA. Well, it used to be – not anymore.

A core component of AkitaBox FCA software is the Capture App. It does exactly what its name implies – it helps you capture facilities data. Take photos, add notes, and record whatever other information your firm requires as you go. Easily associate data with specific assets. Pin every asset’s location and corresponding data to an accurate digital floor plan.

No wi-fi? No problem! You can use the Capture app without an internet connection. Once you do have wi-fi, the app will upload the data you collected into the AkitaBox system.

5 reasons why AEC firms use AkitaBox FCA software

Whenever the Capture app is connected to the internet, a manager back at your office can log into AkitaBox and monitor the real-time progress of the data collection process. This comes in especially handy when there’s a team of engineers onsite gathering information. If one person is working quickly, the project manager can direct them to go help another team member in a different area. Talk about efficient use of time and manpower!

Think of the hours – even days – this can save you. No more juggling a digital camera and a notepad while crawling around the boiler room. No more staring at your computer screen trying to piece together which photos go with what asset once you’re back in the office. Thanks to the Capture app within AkitaBox FCA software, your field engineers can conduct faster, more consistent, and more accurate data collection.

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Standardize Your Firm’s FCA Process

In most firms, FCAs are conducted by a variety of different engineers all working from different branches. Each person collects data differently. John walks around with a yellow notepad on a clipboard with a digital camera. Sue has an iPad to take notes and photos, while Jose is using the iPad with Excel to collect data into a spreadsheet and embed photos.

Varied approaches typically yield varied results. Inconsistencies can impact the quality or even the attractiveness of the final reports. That’s because aspects of those reports may rely on an engineer’s Excel skills or how much control they have in creating visuals.

Lack of standards can add up to a big impact on your firm. Without standardization, you can’t eliminate or automate things that make your processes inefficient. And that can hinder your ability to become more competitive with your pricing over time.

Do away with those differences by having everyone use the same tool for FCA data collection and report generation. AkitaBox does both. With everyone on the same page, you can ensure that everyone is collecting all the necessary information and entering it into the system correctly.

AkitaBox FCA software normalizes how you collect and organize information. This reduces the manual labor required to fix errors or revisit the site to collect additional data. Plus, it results in more accurate reporting.

With everyone using the same platform and the same procedures, your FCA process becomes consistent, repeatable, and more streamlined across your entire organization. That makes it easier for you to deliver FCAs with the level of detail and excellence you require at a competitive price point.

5 reasons why AEC firms use AkitaBox FCA software

Protect Your Secret Sauce

No two firms deliver identical FCAs. Yours is unique, like a fingerprint. That’s because each firm has its own “secret sauce” – the special expertise, processes, or insights they include to make their FCA one-of-a-kind.

“But if all the AEC firms in my area are using AkitaBox, won’t all our FCAs look the same then?” Nope!

AkitaBox is flexible and customizable. It helps you do your unique type of FCA faster, better, and with more customer-friendly results. Maybe you capture 4 extra data fields that your competition doesn’t that gives you an edge. You can still do that with AkitaBox. Configure it to fit your firm’s needs. Build out forms, directions, checklists, and reporting exactly how you want – secret sauce included.

Keep using your own methodology. Keep using the irreplaceable know-how of your experienced engineers. Your FCA is still your brand of FCA. AkitaBox just helps you do what you do even better.

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Generate Living FCAs

We talk A LOT about why living FCAs are better than traditional, static ones.

In a nutshell, living FCAs are connected to the rest of a client’s facilities data (work orders, preventive maintenance, inspection results, etc.), meaning the original FCA data stays current as the facility changes over time. It’s a much more valuable deliverable to building owners than a thousand-page PDF or a stack of binders.

AkitaBox is a living FCA generator. FCAs conducted using AkitaBox software can sync up seamlessly to AkitaBox facilities management software on the client side. The FCA data and everyday FM data come together holistically – and boy does that have benefits, for both you and your clients:

  • No more starting over from scratch every time an FCA is done
  • FCA data remains valuable and current long after the initial assessment
  • Stronger client relationships develop – visit more often to validate the client’s data instead of once every 5-7 years
  • Your client saves money long-term
  • And the list goes on
5 reasons why AEC firms use AkitaBox FCA software

Be the Hero Your Client is Looking For

Rescue your clients from static FCAs that quickly go stale. Save all that valuable data from collecting dust on a shelf. Stop the vicious cycle of a brand new FCA every 7 years.

With your trusty sidekick AkitaBox at the ready, your firm can swoop in to save the day.

First, you’ll save your clients money. With living FCAs, owners no longer have to spend big on costly start-to-finish assessments every several years. Instead, the FCA data stays current thanks to fresh infusions of facilities data from the AkitaBox FM platform. Your firm can revisit the data on an annual or semi-annual basis to validate it and then provide updated recommendations.

Second, you’ll provide a more accessible deliverable. Leave the binders and PDFs in the past. FCA Insights is the reporting and analytics engine within AkitaBox FCA software. With it, you can display FCA data and present your plan in easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards.

Help your clients visualize the condition of their facilities like never before with customizable dashboards. Illustrate just how many assets are nearing end of life and what the replacement costs will be. Highlight the buildings with the lowest Facility Condition Index scores. Rank assets from poorest condition to best. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re ready to take your FCAs to the next level, let’s talk about how AkitaBox can help. Request a demo to see AkitaBox FCA software in action. Discover how easy it is to collect data using the Capture app. Learn how FCA Insights delivers powerful analytics and visually stunning reporting dashboards.

Easy data collection + a powerful analytics engine for reporting = the ultimate FCA tool. Doesn’t your AEC firm deserve a tool like that?

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