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AkitaBox was designed to solve both unique and common problems in your facilities. Pick the solution you need most.

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Facility DataFacility 

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Capital PlanningCapital

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 AkitaBox Essentials for K-12 Facility Management

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Facility Management

Replace the system you don't enjoy, and integrate asset locations with top-notch work order management software.

Perfect for: Facility teams looking for their first system, better usability or an upgrade from their current system.

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AkitaBox Essentials Location-based Asset Mapping

Capital Planning

Communicate capital budget needs, plan for future projects, and get the funds your facilities deserve.

Perfect for: VPs of Operations, Facility Directors and Finance Leadership who want transparency in their future budget cycles.

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AkitaBox Capital Planning Software

Facility Inspections

Spend less time preparing for facility audits and master your compliance protocols.

Perfect for: Healthcare facility teams and organizations focused on the need to meet CMS, Joint Commission, or other compliance standards.

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AkitaBox Facility Inspections Software

Building Cleanliness

Customize your team's cleaning routes, report on their completion to occupants, and create a safer environment for all.

Perfect for: Organizations looking to provide assurance to their occupants of facility cleanliness and safety.

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AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance for Building Hygiene and Safety Software-1

NEW: AkitaBox Essentials

A simple, visual mapping tool that allows you and your team to spend less time searching for that tricky to find asset, more efficiently complete maintenance work, and track any asset across your buildings.

Perfect for: K-12 facility teams looking to level-up their facility management game with a self-implementation module.

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