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Facility Maintenance Software for Government Buildings

Federal, state and local governments operate and maintain many types of facilities. What remains constant are budgetary mandates, showing compliance to government agencies and maximizing asset and equipment lifecycles to meet public sector needs.

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Your Government Building's Journey to Facility Management Success

With AkitaBox, you’ll never be alone on your path to facility management success. From data collection to implementation to continued support for your organization, we will be by your side.

Data Collection checklist clipboard

Facility Data Collection and Validation

Our team of professional data coordinators do all the heavy lifting, providing onsite space verification and data collection for your buildings and assets.

Implementation cloud

Software Implementation

Using the data collected, our implementation team will update existing floor plans and upload asset data into the AkitaBox facility management software platform.

Training and Support chat box

Training and Support

Get the support and attention your team deserves with a dedicated customer success manager that will guide you through the onboarding process, provide ongoing support and biannual check-ins.

Get access to the latest trends in government facility management.

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Lengthen Equipment Lifecycles and Improve Budget Forecasting

Keep track of your asset histories like never before with work orders and preventative maintenance schedules customized to your facility’s needs. By properly caring for your equipment, you can lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and save money for future budgeting.

lengthen equipment lifecycles in your government facility

Increase Facility Staff Accountability and Productivity

Powerful reporting comes with the AkitaBox software platform, allowing building managers to see vital statistics that pertain to both their facility and team. Go beyond work completed and dive into which tasks were performed by team member, giving you the ultimate vantage point in team accountability.

Maintain Your Building Documents

Prove Compliance to Government Agencies

Maintaining compliance is integral in government office buildings, and having the right software that documents records digitally along the way will give you peace of mind when audited. Whether you manage a city hall, courthouse, prison, wastewater treatment plant, cemetery or parks, the AkitaBox facility management software will maintain documentation custom-tailored to your department’s needs.

Prove facility's compliance to government agencies

Improve your facility’s operational efficiency today

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Government Facility Management Software Key Features

Location-based asset mapping pin
Location-Based Asset Mapping

A dynamic floor plan viewer allows your team to place color-coded pins on your building’s floor plans identifying space and assets types.

Preventative maintenance scheduling calendar
Work Order and PM Scheduling

Using data collected from existing assets, a work order module and robust time-based preventative maintenance schedule will keep your team focused on the right type of maintenance when you need it.

Document management system books
Secure Document Management System

Get a safe and secure centralized document repository of your facility’s blueprints, floor plans and O&M manuals.

Reporting dashboard graph

Get instant access to a reporting dashboard that cover recent activity, overall information on your facility, statistics and notes from your team members.

Unlimited users icon
Unlimited Users

Ensure everyone has access to the information they need with an infinite number of users.

Mobile-friendly cell phone

A responsive web-based design allows your team to access your facility’s data on any type of device.

QR code scanning
QR Code Scanning

Identify assets with a click of the button, giving your team powerful information such as maintenance history, open work orders or O&M manuals in the palm of their hand.

Simplified user interface dashboard
Simplified User Interface

An intuitive, easy-to-use interface facilitates team adoption and get them focused on the tasks at hand.


Get the flexibility you need with customizable input fields, dropdowns and colored pin types.