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Best-in-Class Facility Software Training

Facility software is only useful if your team feels empowered to utilize it from day one. That’s why AkitaBox offers customized award-winning training with each software implementation to guarantee you’ll be up and running in 90 days or less.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

With a dedicated team of passionate, customer-driven success managers, we make sure your experience is a positive one from start-to-finish; overseeing building data turnover, maintenance trend identification, preventative maintenance program rollouts and staff education. In just a matter of weeks, you and your staff will have the knowledge needed to effortlessly navigate the AkitaBox software and set you on a path to proactive building maintenance.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager with AkitaBox 2

Powerful Insights With Building Reports

Once data has been collected, your success manager will walk you through your Building Report. This report captures individual building data including but not limited to gross square footages (GSF), net square footages (NSF), net cleanable square footage (NCSF) and net assignable square footage (NASF). This data is essential when building and operations teams look to identify capital expenditures, apply for grants or justify staffing.

Powerful Insights with Building Reports from AkitaBox

Routine Customer Check-Ins

Even after implementation is complete, your Customer Success Manager will remain a critical resource for your facilities team to ensure best-in-class training and support, scheduling regular check-ins to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager with AkitaBox

Continuous Support With AkitaBox Learning Center

Get immediate access to over 100 step-by-step articles, a collection of frequently asked questions and a tips and tricks section. With a constant stream of educational information and monthly updates on product enhancements, you’ll always be in the know.

Continuous Support with AkitaBox Learning Center

Software Support In The Field

Get technical support in the office or while out in the field with the AkitaBox Helpdesk. Accessible via the software or Learning Center, your technicians can quickly and easily submit questions to our technical support team.

Software Support in the Field with AkitaBox

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