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Customer Onboarding and Support

Pick the support that empowers your team to use your facility software from day one.

Tailored training for your entire team

A cookie-cutter training process doesn't work for all organizations. At AkitaBox, we work with you to understand your team’s structure and plan out a training schedule that works for you. Our personalized training programs ensure that all AkitaBox users know the ins and outs of the software as it relates to their specific jobs, empowering them to experience benefits from day one.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager with AkitaBox 2

Preventive maintenance setup support

Your assigned Customer Success Manager will work with you to develop and schedule preventive maintenance programs for your vital equipment. Using industry best practices and your personal preferences, we will help you get a program in place that reduces downtime and saves money — all in a fraction of the time of having to do it in-house.

Powerful Insights with Building Reports from AkitaBox

Ongoing support and check-ins

Even after implementation is complete, your Customer Success Manager will remain a critical resource for your facilities team. Our specialists are dedicated to providing best-in-class training and support, as well as scheduling regular check-ins to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager with AkitaBox

Access to an extensive online learning center

Get immediate access to over 100 step-by-step articles, videos, FAQs, and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your AkitaBox solution. With a constant stream of educational information and monthly updates on product enhancements, you’ll always stay up to date on the latest innovations and solutions that AkitaBox has to offer.

Continuous Support with AkitaBox Learning Center

Software Support In The Field

Get technical support in the office or while out in the field with the AkitaBox Helpdesk. Accessible via the software or Learning Center, your technicians can quickly and easily submit questions to our technical support team.

Software Support in the Field with AkitaBox

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