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The AkitaBox Platform

Facility management software for simplify your building operations and maintenance

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Enable teams to be more efficient and productive, day in and day out

Facility teams often spend too much of their work hours searching for information and waiting for instruction. AkitaBox provides easy access to vital equipment and work order information from the field, allowing your teams to spend more of their day on wrench time.

Automate and simplify the process of managing your facilities

Pen & paper, excel and clunky CMMS make it difficult to manage your facilities and add extra risk to your organization. AkitaBox delivers a streamlined facility management software that allows you to assign, track and report on your team's work with ease.


Visualize Your Building Infrastructure Like Never Before

Move your facility team from reactive to proactive

It is never easy to get ahead of incoming facility requests. During your implementation, we work with you to establish a preventive maintenance program that works for your facilities so you start getting PMs on day one. AkitaBox then allows you to better manage incoming requests by deciding what requests should become work orders, allowing you to keep your teams focused on the work that matters most.


A Better Way to Manage Work Orders with AkitaBox-1

Gain insights into facility trends and team performance

Use real-time data to make more strategic decisions that reduce costs and improve the occupant experience. AkitaBox's reporting dashboard provides visual insight for KPIs and metrics that matter to your organization. Utilize reports to measure team productivity, compare facilities across your organization, justify hiring additional headcount to budget holders, and much more.

Reporting with AkitaBox

Additional AkitaBox Platform Features

Occupant Messaging
Service request portal

A dedicated site for your occupants to send in requests, with ability to provide personalized updates to requestors.

Occupant Messaging
Location-based asset mapping

Digital floor plans and customizable pins allow your team to find equipement and information faster


QR Code ScanningQR Code Scanning

Associate any asset in your facility with a QR code and quickly identify it with a quick scan. Technicians have instant access to associated work orders, checklists and documentation.

Unlimited Users-1
Unlimited Users

Keep the lines of communication open and bridge gaps between departments with an unlimited number of users within your software. 

Unlimited File Storage
Work order management

Simplfiy the process of assigning, tracking and completing work orders for more effective facility management.

Preventive maintenance management

Reduce downtime, extend the life of assets and experience long-term savings through a complete preventive maintenance program.

Occupant Messaging
Reporting dashboard

Track KPIs over time and make more strategic data-driven decisions.


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