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AkitaBox facility management software desktop and mobile dashboard

Cloud-based Facility Management Software

Transform the way you maintain your buildings with the AkitaBox Facility Management Software Suite, an easy-to-use, data-driven solution. AkitaBox not only offers a user-friendly, modern alternative to bulky CMMS platforms, it will revolutionize the way you visualize your building data.

Facility Management Software That Works For You

If you’re tired of piling up paper, scrolling through spreadsheets and avoiding your clunky, long-forgotten building management software, it’s time to test drive the power of location-based space and asset management. View your space, asset, and preventive and reactive maintenance data in real time wherever and whenever you need it.


Location-based Space and Asset Mapping

Stop referencing outdated, paper floor plans and confusing software platforms to try and locate an asset that needs maintenance. Get a holistic view of your facilities with the Location-based Space and Asset Mapping module in AkitaBox.

This module gives your technicians a visual tool in the field to quickly and easily identify assets and spaces within your facility, as well as any associated information or documentation such as O&M manuals, serial numbers, equipment make, equipment model or technician notes.


AkitaBox Location Based Space and Asset Mapping Software

Work Order Management

Supercharge your work order workflow with AkitaBox by ditching paper processes, spreadsheets and complicated CMMS softwares.

The AkitaBox Work Order Management module gives facility managers the ability to have a complete and holistic view into the work that needs to be recorded, tracked and prioritized in their facility.


Work Order Management with AkitaBox-3

Preventive Maintenance Management

With the AkitaBox Preventive Maintenance Management Module, scheduling recurring maintenance and tasks for your facilities team and technicians becomes a breeze and can be built right into your daily routine.

A dedicated customer success manager will ensure you and your team build a preventive maintenance program that fosters adoption and drives compliance.

AkitaBox Preventive Maintenance Management Software

Document Management System

Floor plans, O&M manuals and warranties are critical building documents that can be lost or quickly become outdated if they are stored as paper documentation in plan rooms or as digital files on flash drives or CD-ROMs.

Ensure your facilities’ files are preserved and easy to find for years to come with the AkitaBox Document Management Software, a secure, cloud-based way to store everything that’s important to you and your team.


AkitaBox Facility Document Management Software

Maintenance Reporting Dashboard

Don’t let outdated, unreliable or non-existent reporting tools keep you in the dark anymore. AkitaBox’s maintenance reporting dashboard makes data-driven decisions easy.

This powerful reporting tool delivers real time data at your fingertips, making it simple to track technician productivity so you can more effectively plan and schedule your resources. This exportable data then feeds intuitive reports, making the process of measuring overall team performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) painless.


Facility Management Software Main Page Reporting Image


We’re experts at designing packages that fit any facility. Sign up for a demo today to talk with a member of our team about a customized software package for your facility.

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Facility Management Software Key Features

reporting dashboard icon
Reporting Dashboard

Stay informed with instant access to recent activity, work order status, building statistics and labor hours from your team members in the field.

Location-based asset mapping
QR Code Scanning

Associate any asset in your facility with a QR code. Then, quickly identify utility assets with the click of a button, giving technicians instant access to associated work orders or a checklist of proper shutdown methods.

360° Photos

View the exact layout of a room without needing to set foot in the building. 360° photos are easily viewable within the AkitaBox software and give you and your team a holistic view of your mechanical rooms and spaces.

unlimited users icon
Unlimited Users

Keep the lines of communication open and bridge gaps between departments with an unlimited number of users within your software. 

mobile friendly interface icon
Mobile-friendly User Interface

A responsive web-based design allows your team to access your facility’s data on any type of device; no need for app store downloads or constant application updating.

customizable icon

Get the flexibility you need with customizable input fields, dropdowns and colored pin types. Your facility is unique, your software should be too.


Watch a series of software demo videos that cover everything from document management to preventive maintenance management.