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The 2018 List: Holiday Gifts for Mechanics and Building Engineers

It’s the holiday season and the perfect time to show how much you care for maintenance and facilities personnel at your organization. These hard working men and women put in work every day to make sure that we are safe and comfortable and that our buildings are clean and functional. Say “thank you” this holiday season by surprising your facility’s custodians, building engineers, facility managers and maintenance techs with a gift. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a gift-giving guide that’ll help you brighten someone’s holiday season and show your appreciation.  Whether it’s something heartfelt, something that’ll get a laugh or something that can be used everyday, we’ve got you covered with gift ideas for every budget (No funds to spare this year? Download a free copy of our Safety and Security Plan Guide to share with your facility managers). Here are some ideas to get you started.

Gifts for Under $25

cannon tactical lip balmHeavy Duty Lip Balm

We Recommend: Cannon Tactical Lip Balm
Dry, chapped or cracked lips are the worst. Heavy duty lip balm is worker-approved and the perfect gift to keep dry lips at bay.


socksFun Socks

We Recommend: The Sock Drawer
Socks can be a cost-effective and fun holiday gift. Hook up your gift recipient with socks that match his or her unique personality. The Sock Drawer has a wide variety of funny, colorful, stylish and cozy socks to help you get started.

flashlightAn Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

We Recommend: Coast HX5 Flashlight
A pocket-friendly flashlight is perfect for giftees on the go. Flashlights that are bright, impact-resistant and weather-resistant will last a long time, and fit nicely in a tool belt without adding excess weight.

gel insertsGel Inserts for Achy Feet

We Recommend: Dr. Scholl’s Gel Inserts  
Standing and moving all day long can lead to an achy back and sore feet. Give the gift of all-day comfort with gel inserts for shoes, which provide impact protection and arch support.

hothandsHand and Feet Warmers

We Recommend: HotHands Hand Warmers
Cold weather can quickly freeze fingers and toes. Keep your gift recipient warm and toasty with hand and feet warmers. These single-use packs can go straight into gloves or boots, and offer hours of heat on chilly winter days.

hand creamIndustrial Strength Hand Cream

We Recommend: Jack Black Hand Healer
Hand cream is a great gift for people who work with their hands everyday. Find a non-greasy hand cream that will keep working hands looking and feeling their best.

all weather pens and pencilsAll-Weather Pens and Paper

We Recommend: RainWriter Pens, Pencils and Notebooks
What’s better than a normal notebook? A weatherproof notebook with a smear proof pen! Get your gift recipient writing utensils and paper that can keep up with tough work environments. RainWriter offers pens that can write on wet paper, as well as waterproof notebooks.

stress ball-1Stress Relief Ball

We Recommend: InsidersPro Motivational Stress Relief Ball
There’s no denying that a facility manager’s job can be stressful at times. Encourage your gift recipient to take a break from the stresses of the day with a stress relief ball. Fidget objects are great items to use to relieve stress, tension and anxiety.

multitoolA Multi Tool to Get the Job Done

We Recommend: Cabela’s Multitool
A compact multi tool can really come in handy. Cabela’s offers a multi tool with stainless steel attachments, including flat-nose pliers, a wire stripper, a knife, screwdrivers, a mini saw, a bottle opener and scissors. Having the right tools to conduct repairs doesn’t get easier than that!

paperweightA Funny Paperweight

We Recommend: UncommonGoods Decision Paperweight
Struggling to decide how to deal with a work order that's been an absolute pain since day one? Take the responsibility of consideration off your gift recipient’s plate by letting this all-knowing paperweight decide the fate of that difficult work order!

toolbeltA Toolbelt

We Recommend: Husky 12-Pocket Handyman Rig
What better way to organize tools than with a multi-pocket toolbelt? Toolbelts provide ease of access and complete the handyman look!  Look for a toolbelt that’s lightweight, durable and has a variety of differently sized pockets.



yetiAn Insulated, Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

We Recommend: Yeti Stainless Steel Drinkware
For those who love to sip hot drinks in the mornings, a stainless steel coffee mug is sure to please! An insulated coffee mug will keep your gift recipient’s coffee (or tea) piping hot and delicious all morning long.

trackerA Little Bluetooth Tracking Device

We Recommend: Tile Tracking Device
We’ve all felt that moment of panic when we can’t find our keys, wallet or cell phone. Never misplace critical items again with a mini bluetooth tracking device. Simply attach the tracker to your valuables and use the tracker’s app to locate them. 

boot dryerBoot Dryer

We Recommend: PEET Boot Dryer
Sliding on a pair of wet boots can really put a damper on your day (no pun intended!) A boot dryer is a great way to remove wetness, sweat and odor from your gear. The drying process can also neutralize odor-causing bacteria and prevent mold and mildew from ruining material.

wireless speakerA Bluetooth Speaker

We Recommend: APIE Wireless Waterproof Speaker
Sometimes, jamming out to some tunes on the jobsite is the perfect way to lift your spirits. A bluetooth speaker is a convenient way to listen to music without having to plug in to an outlet. Go for a durable, waterproof speaker with high sound quality.

desk signsA Witty Desk Sign

We Recommend: UncommonGoods Big Personality Desk Signs
Plain old name plaques can be a bit boring. Get silly with a witty desk sign for your gift recipient. Funny, witty or sarcastic desk signs can liven up a desk and add a bit of humor to your recipient’s workday.   


portable phone charger

A Wireless Cellphone Charger

We Recommend: Anker PowerCore 10000
Have you ever left the house for the day, only to realize that your cell phone is almost out of battery? Your gift recipient won’t need to deal with a dead cell phone if they have a wireless charger. Power banks keep your phone’s battery full without plugging in to a power source.

GIFTS FOR Over $50


fitbitA Wireless Activity Tracker

We Recommend: FitBit Charge 3
While it’s important to value work, it’s also important to value physical health. Help your gift recipient take charge of his or her health with a wearable activity tracker. Fitness trackers collect data on the wearer’s heart rate, daily step count, calorie burn and a lot more. Plus, they’ll give your recipient personalized insight on how to continue healthy habits.

sanitizerA Cellphone Sanitizer

We Recommend: UncommonGoods PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer
Whatever our hands touch, our phones touch. Did you know that phones can be a breeding ground for thousands of nasty bacteria and viruses? Zap germs with a UV cellphone sanitizer. This product (quite literally) takes care of the dirty work for you and might even reduce the likelihood of illness.

apple watchA Smart Watch

We Recommend: Apple Watch Series 4
Here’s a good opportunity to pool your money. For facility managers who are going digital, a smartwatch can go a long way in helping your gift recipient stay connected. Today’s smartwatches allow users to receive smartphone notifications, view text messages, set
reminders, use GPS, listen to music and so much more. Your tech-saavy gift recipient will love this present.

Can’t Make a Decision?

Not sure what someone would like to receive as a gift? Don’t take the gamble - get a gift card instead! It’s the thought that counts, right? Consider:

  • A gift certificate to a local restaurant

  • A voucher for a local brewery tour

  • Movie tickets to a nearby cinema

  • A gift card for anywhere that delivers food to your building

  • A gift card to a local bar (for the post-work unwind)

While purchased gifts are great, many people really enjoy receiving gifts that don’t cost anything. Pair your purchased gift with a handwritten note from yourself or your department. Your gift recipient may also enjoy receiving a hug, a high five or just a verbal “thank you.”

And pssst, homemade baked goods always go over well with facility managers!

Whether you’re putting together a major gift basket or writing a simple thank-you, a little bit of recognition goes a long way. Are you in the industry? Drop a comment below with items that are on your wishlist. If it’s useful to you, it’ll be useful to someone else as well.   

Want to include a little something extra with your gift this year? Give the gift of knowledge with AkitaBox’s 2019 Facility Safety and Security Plan Guide. This guide teaches ways to make your facility and the people in it more safe, not only during the holidays but also throughout the entire year. Preview what you’ll learn and get a free download here.

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