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2019 Gift Ideas for Your Facilities and Maintenance Team

The holiday season is the perfect time to show how much you appreciate the maintenance and facilities personnel at your organization. These dedicated men and women put in hard work to make sure that your building and all its occupants are safe and comfortable. They also ensure that workspaces are clean and functional. 

Say “thank you” this holiday season by surprising your facility’s custodians, building engineers, facility managers and maintenance techs with a gift.  Here are some last-minute gift ideas!

Maintenance Gifts for Less than $15

heavy duty hand creamHeavy Duty Hand Cream

We Recommend: O’Keefe’s Working Hands Cream
Hand cream is a great gift for people who work with their hands every day. Find a non-greasy hand cream that will keep working hands looking and feeling their best.


fruit infuser water bottleA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

We Recommend: OMORC Sport Infuser Water Bottle
This gift will make drinking water more fun! Fill the infuser rod with a combination of lemon, strawberry, watermelon, cucumber, pineapple or any other fruit for a fun twist on staying hydrated.

a versatile multitoolA Versatile Multitool

We Recommend:  Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Tool
It’s important to have the right tools to get repair jobs done. A compact multi-tool provides every basic tool you’d need, including a hammerhead, pliers, screwdrivers, blades, bottle openers, wire cutters and more.

LED headlampAn LED Headlamp

We Recommend: CrazyFire LED Headlamp
Is your gift recipient a handyperson, mechanic or DIYer? An LED headlamp will help him or her stay safe while completing projects in dark environments. For bonus points, look for a headlamp that’s also waterproof.

intensive care lip balmIntensive Care Lip Balm

We Recommend:  O’Keefe’s Lip Repair Balm
Chapped or cracked lips are the worst, especially in winter when the air is dry. This heavy-duty lip balm is worker-approved and sure to keep dry lips at bay.

a bright pocket lightA Bright Pocket Light

We Recommend: CAT Pocket Light
A pocket-size flashlight is perfect for giftees on the go. Flashlights that are bright, impact-resistant and weather-resistant will last a long time and fit nicely in a tool belt without adding excess weight.

a techy penA Techy Pen

We Recommend: Cutier 6-in-1 Gadget Pen
Fit a toolbox’s worth of tools right in your pocket! The tech-guru on your facilities team will get a kick out of this fun pen, which features a ruler, stylus, spirit level, a flat-head screwdriver and a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Maintenance Gifts for Less than $30

trackerA Bluetooth Tracking Device

We Recommend: Tile Tracking Device
No need to panic if you can’t find your keys, wallet or cell phone. This mini Bluetooth tracking device can easily be attached to your valuables to signal their locations when they’re misplaced.

thermal neck warmersA Thermal Neck Warmer

We Recommend: Arctic Thermal Neck Warmers  
Warm winter clothes are a must for the maintenance worker who works outside. A moisture-wicking neck warmer will keep your recipient warm and dry, even in the coldest weather.

a magnetic wristbandA Magnetic Wristband

We Recommend: Kusonkey Magnetic Wristband
A magnetic wristband is a great tool for keeping screws, nuts, drill bits, bolts, nails and washers neatly stored and ready for use while on the job. It’s also lightweight, portable and (definitely) fashionable!

LED maintenance lightAn LED Maintenance Light

We Recommend: WARSUN Rechargeable Work Light
Conducting maintenance repairs in the dark is risky. Keep your gift recipient safe with a cordless, rechargeable lamp. This one features a built-in super magnet, allowing it to attach to any metal surface.

traction cleats for work boots

Traction Cleats for Work Boots

We Recommend: Yaktrax Pro Traction Cleats
Enjoying the winter weather? Fun. Slipping on the ice? Not so fun. Traction cleats attach to any type of boot and provide reliable traction on snow, ice and other slippery winter surfaces.

pack of safety flares

A Pack of Safety Flares

We Recommend: Marcala LED Road Flares
Facility teams are adept at maintaining safety and security in their buildings. Help your gift recipient prepare for the unexpected with a safety flare, which can be used in any type of emergency.

insulated can koozieAn Insulated Can Koozie
We Recommend: YETI Rambler Stainless Steel Colster
Say goodbye to damp or frostbitten hands. A no-sweat steel koozie will keep your drink cold and your hands dry. This insulated can holder is tough, dishwasher safe, rust-resistant and puncture-resistant.

Maintenance Gifts for Less than $50

hearing protection headphonesHearing Protection Headphones

We Recommend: 3M WorkTunes Headphones
Noisey equipment and loud noises can be a distraction to workers and make it difficult to listen to music or podcasts. With these headphones, you can ensure safe and happy listening while on the job.

portable clip bluetooth speakerPortable Clip Bluetooth Speaker

We Recommend: JBL Bluetooth Speaker
If headphones aren’t practical for the workplace, try a Bluetooth speaker. With this portable version, your team can enjoy some of their favorite tunes when the opportunity strikes.

a wireless phone chargerA Wireless Phone Charger

We Recommend: ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger
Our phones are an extension of ourselves, making it hard to function without them in this day and age. Make sure your gift recipient is never without a charge by giving a wireless phone charger for their desk or car.

a brewstation for the officeA Brewstation for the Office

We Recommend: Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Does your team dread drinking from the office coffee maker? You’re not alone. Upgrade and give your team the gift of coffee they can actually enjoy.

dewalt toolboxA Toolbox

We Recommend: DEWALT Heavy-Duty Tool Box
A handy toolbox is a must-have for maintenance masters. Choose a rust-resistant toolbox that has a top organizer for drills and bits, and a bottom organizer for larger tools.

car trunk organizerA Trunk Organizer

We Recommend: FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer
A busy work week can leave your car looking a bit messier than you intended. A car trunk organizer can help bring method to the madness, so you can always find what you need.

heated seat cushionA Heated Seat Cushion

We Recommend: KINGLETING Heated Seat Cushion
Depending on where you live, the winter months can really drag on. Warm your recipient’s heart (and car seats) with a heated car seat cushion to help make the long, cold winter a little more comfortable.

More Maintenance Appreciation Ideas

While purchased gifts are great, many people enjoy receiving gifts that don’t cost anything. Pair your purchased gift with a handwritten note from yourself or your department. Your gift recipient may also enjoy receiving a hug, a high five or just a verbal “thank you.”

And pssst, homemade baked goods always go over well with facilities teams. 

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