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9 Pain Points of Healthcare Facility Management

November 17, 2021

With Americans depending on our healthcare facilities more than ever, effectively managing and maintaining healthcare facilities is incredibly important.

 Facility management software can help you ensure your facilities are performing at their best and remain ready to handle the intense pressures of high patient volumes. 

 Yet healthcare service providers are often hesitant to adopt facility management software.


Maybe because they may think it’s too costly, that the status quo is good enough, or perhaps the software itself is missing key features like:

  • Multi-facility reporting (properties>campus>building>team)
  • Task delegation & rerouting
  • Cost/department codes (work orders tied to profit & loss)
  • Associating metadata with assets
  • More robust organizational structure settings (i.e. associating buildings)
  • Inventory management

 Thankfully, there are software solutions out there that do include all the necessary features to improve healthcare facility management and remedy its pain points.

 Here’s a look at the key pain points healthcare facilities face and how the right facility management software can help you solve them.

Technology Pain Points

  • BIM/Revit digital twin maintenance: The right software should be built around a digital twin of your facilities. Blueprints can quickly become outdated. A good management program can contain a current capture of your facility, allowing you to work with a fully accurate digital rendition of your facility as it exists today.
  • Dated technology: Say goodbye to paper-based processes, more work, and slow operations. Implementing software gives field teams access to the accurate information they need and offers leadership teams clarity into operations so they can easily identify key information to support crucial decision making.
  • Poor data fidelity: Lack of accurate, digital information can create liability risks, mistakes, and potentially poor decisions. The right software solution can not only provide an accurate map of your buildings and its key assets, but also a quickly-accessible storage repository of relevant documents related to those assets—all up-to-date across all touchpoints.
  • Inspection reporting: Instead of a complicated, paper-based compliance process, use a solution that can generate simple reports for inspections and compliance, meaning there’s less chance of losing a key document during an inspection and more easily-managed compliance overall.

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Facilities Pain Points

  • Life safety assets: It’s important for facilities teams to have an accurate inventory of life safety assets as well as a strategic repair and maintenance plan. The right software can not only help maintain asset performance and extend equipment life cycles, it can also reduce time and labor costs.
  • Medical compliance: Manual inspection reporting procedures can mean poor performance due to an inability to identify and address failures. Use facility management software to improve workforce efficiency and decrease the risk of omission.
  • Large amounts of capital equipment (capital management): Instead of relying on old, static FCA reports, a facility software solution can help you leverage real-time condition and risk data. This makes for more precise capital planning, including more reliable life-cycle projections, more accurate deferred maintenance, and a better way to balance budget deficits.

Management Pain Points

  • Under-resourced: If you don’t have enough boots on the ground and are still relying on paper-based processes, you have yourself a recipe for disaster. Especially with a tightened labor market, make the most of your workforce by working smart—not hard. Facility management software can help you make the most of the people you have, helping them save time by being more efficient.
  • Pivoting in response to the changing workplace: The past year has accelerated trends toward flexible workspaces and remote work. As tenant demands and needs change, portfolio and property managers need access to their facility data so they can reimagine facility space in their buildings—and the right software solution can help.

Enter AkitaBox

AkitaBox is a solution that responds to healthcare facility management needs and provides true digital transformation. Elevate your ability to accomplish your mission with greater excellence by letting our solution do the heavy lifting.

Learn more about how our software can be implemented by checking out our Case Study with UW Health. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo.

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Janelle Higdon

Former Demand Generation Manager with AkitaBox.

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