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Investor Relations

At AkitaBox, we work to preserve facility data for buildings across the globe through the power of facility management software and data collection services. Once we make this data easily accessible to facility managers, building teams become empowered to make informed decisions when it comes to the management and maintenance of their building’s space and assets.

Our Mission

To make data-driven building
management easy.

“It's time to change the stagnation in the facilities industry. At AkitaBox, we're transforming the built environment by supplying facility managers with innovative, automated tools and resources they need to make data-driven decisions for their building care.”
Todd Hoffmaster Todd Hoffmaster, Co-Founder
AkitaBox's Mission Statement-1

Our Vision

To empower building teams to make
data-driven decisions that impact the
places we live, work and play.

“The team at AkitaBox is just as vital to the success of our customers as the platform itself. Changing the industry through the AkitaBox experience is invigorating.”
Erika Stroik Erika Stroik, Customer Success Manager
AkitaBox's Vision Statement


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Contact Our Investor Relations Team

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