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On-Demand Webinar | From Cradle to Grave: Use Data to More Effectively Manage Your Facility’s Lifecycle

Every stage in your facility’s life – from design and construction to operations and maintenance – creates abundant data that can be used across the entire value chain of a building or project. Without a strategy to preserve that data, you lose the ability to make the best day-to-day and long-term planning decisions. 

Access to real-time facility condition data empowers you to make smarter decisions about ongoing maintenance, capital planning, and future projects. 

Don’t let valuable facility intel slip through your fingers. Listen in to our panel of executives from AkitaBox, Hines Building Maintenance and ALPHA Facilities Solutions.

Watch now to learn:

  • The importance and value of data across the lifecycle of a facility or project
  • The facility data available to you and how to best use it
  • New trends in facility management and facility condition assessments that extend the value of data across lifecycle stages and stakeholders
  • How to take a holistic, forward-thinking approach to managing your facility data