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Watch a demo of the AkitaBox
facility management software

Fill out the form below to watch a video demo of the AkitaBox software and its key features.

Key AkitaBox Features

  • Location-based asset mapping
    Location-Based Asset Mapping

    A dynamic floor plan viewer allows your team to place color-coded pins on your building’s floor plans, identifying fire and life safety assets, floor types and door swings.

  • QR code scanning
    QR Code Scanning

    Quickly identify utility assets with a click of the button, giving them access to detailed instructions or a checklist of proper shutdown methods.

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
    Work Order and PM Scheduling Module

    Using data collected from existing assets, a work order module and robust time-based preventative maintenance schedule will keep your team focused on the right type of maintenance when you need it.

  • Document management system
    Document Management System

    Get a centralized document repository of your facility’s floor plans, emergency shutdown procedures and O&M manuals.

  • Reporting dashboard
    Reporting Dashboard

    Stay informed with instant access to recent activity, work order status, building statistics and progress notes from your team members in the field.

  • Unlimited users
    Unlimited Users

    Keep the lines of communication open with an infinite number of  users.

  • Mobile-friendly

    A responsive web-based design allows your team to access your facility’s data on any type of device; no need for app store downloads or constant application updating.

  • Simplified user interface
    Simplified User Interface

    Reduce training time with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that facilitates team adoption.

  • Customizable

    Get the flexibility you need with customizable input fields, dropdowns and colored pin types.