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Facility Management Software for Universities

Keep campus buildings safe, healthy, and functional for students and faculty.

Facility Management Solutions Built for Higher Education

Custom Maintenance Planning

Streamline Facility Management

Easy to use, visual software to track assets, prioritize work orders, and implement preventive maintenance programs across campus.

For Facilities Teams

Increase Operational Efficiency with AkitaBox

Capital Planning

Manage upcoming campus renovation projects and defer maintenance more confidently with better data.

For Capital Planners

Streamline Inspections-100

Maintain Facility Compliance

Keep track and report on all critical inspections across your hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For Compliance

Eliminate information silos with access to facility data anytime, anywhere

University facility teams spend a lot of their day moving across campus -- it’s part of the job. Having the information teams need wherever they are is vital to avoiding unnecessary downtime, such as having to take an extra trip to the plan room to find where an asset is,  or waiting on clarification from the one guy who knows how to fix that temperamental boiler.

With AkitaBox, you can break down these information silos and ensure that your teams have access to asset and facility information they need to work efficiently anywhere on campus.

Real Property Asset Management Discover Space & Asset Mapping


AkitaBox Essentials Location-based Asset Mapping


Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Make data-driven capital planning decisions for your university facilities

Managing your campus facilities is complex, with a wide range of building types, ages, and uses across campus. This makes capital budgeting cycles stressful, as there is never enough budget to cover everything that needs to get done during that cycle.

AkitaBox Capital Management takes the stress out of managing your capital improvements and deferred maintenance, providing real-time data so you can prioritize and defer projects with confidence while avoiding financial surprises.

Real Property Asset Management Learn more about Capital Management


AkitaBox Capital Planning Software

Move from analog to digital with easy-to-use facility management software

With time in such limited supply for university and college facilities maintenance teams, why is it then that most higher ed facility management software program are basically glorified spreadsheets, hard to use, and still require plenty of manual processes?

AkitaBox offers an alternative, with software solutions that simplify and automate your facility management processes. Enable your teams to work more efficiently, collaborate across campus, and maintain superior facilities now and in the future.

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Increase Operational efficiency and effectiveness with AkitaBox

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