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Healthcare Facilities Management

Maintain a superior environment of care for patients and staff.

Start Driving Efficiency in your Healthcare Facility

Facilities management software for hospitals and assisted living facilities

Streamline Inspections-100

Maintain Facility Compliance

Keep track and report on all critical inspections across your hospitals and healthcare facilities.

For Compliance

Increase Operational Efficiency with AkitaBox

Predict Future Facilities Needs

Leverage current condition and risk data to better prioritize upcoming capital improvements.

For Capital Planning

Compliance Reporting

Simplify Healthcare Facility Management

Plan, track, and complete maintenance more efficiently with an easy to use, visual facility management software.

For Facilities Management

Streamline inspections while keeping facilities safe and healthy for patients, visitors, and staff

Ensure a superior environment of care and compliance with The Joint Commission, ACHC, and any other accreditation organizations.

Intuitive and visual software allows technicians to complete hospital and healthcare facilities inspections more efficiently and provides you a digital audit trail of your team's compliance activities that you can easily share with auditors.

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Allocate limited capital more effectively and lower the overall risk in your facilities

Stop wasting time and money making plans based on outdated facility condition assessments (FCA) and your teams best guesses.

Better healthcare capital planning and budgeting decisions starts with better data. Get a clear picture of your assets, buildings, and portfolio as they are today to reduce risk, improve the quality of your buildings, and provide a holistic view of your facilities portfolio.


Real Property Asset Management Explore AkitaBox Capital Management


AkitaBox Capital Planning Software

Find how much you could be saving today

Discover the cost savings and efficiency AkitaBox delivers to customers like you


Breakdown information silos for better patient outcomes

Your facilities are complex. Facilities teams need to be proactive and responsive to keep patients and staff safe and healthy.

AkitaBox delivers an easy to use healthcare facility management software that provides instant access to vital asset and facility information.

Protect institutional knowledge, collaborate more effectively, and avoid catastrophic mistakes with our visual, location-based software.

Location Based Asset Mapping Learn More about Asset Management
“We recently had a new team member start, and on his first or second day, I was able to hand AkitaBox to him to start fire extinguisher inspections. That’s how easy it is to use this software.”
John Mortimer, Lead Maintenance Technician, UW Health
AkitaBox Essentials Location-based Asset Mapping

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