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Maintain a Superior Environment of Care

Patient safety is directly related to the state of your facilities.

Start Driving Efficiency in your Healthcare Facility

Building Infrastructure Software for Healthcare Teams.

Streamline Inspections-100

Modernize Inspections

Implement a software solution that makes your teams more efficient and gives you greater compliance confidence.

For Compliance Teams

Increase Operational Efficiency with AkitaBox

Project Sustainment Costs Over Time

Utilize equipment condition information and projections to make a data-driven case for additional capital funds.

For Capital Planners

Compliance Reporting

Reduce Employee Onboarding Time

Make new hires productive, faster with a visual location-based asset mapping tool they can use in the field.

For Facilities Teams

Provide assurance to the people returning to your facilities

COVID-19 has reshaped how the public views the facilities where they live, work and play. This change in perspective has led to a greater need for transparency into how buildings are cleaned and disinfected. AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance provides a shareable assurance certificate to put your occupants’ and tenants' minds at ease.

Build an automated and transparent compliance process

Maintaining deemed status through the Joint Commission or other accrediting agencies shouldn’t take a ton of time and resources. Avoid stress with a dedicated inspection app that allows your team to create custom rounds, checklists and reports.

Inspections App Discover Streamlined Inspections


Get a Real-time View of Inspection Status-1

Find how much you could be saving today

Discover the cost savings and efficiency AkitaBox delivers to customers like you


Understand and convey the effects of under funding

Budgets have a direct effect on equipment condition and maintenance backlog, which in turn can affect patient care. Use facility condition data and expected useful life to visually show stakeholders long-term effects of an underfunded facilities management program.

Real Property Asset Management Explore The Capital Management App


Life-Cycle Cost Analysis from AkitaBox

Retain institutional knowledge

Onboard new hires faster with a visual mapping software solution that captures the location and critical documentation of space and equipment assets on digital floor plans. 

Location Based Asset Mapping Navigate Location-Based Asset Mapping


Strategically manage spaces and fixed assets in AkitaBox

Start Working Toward Operational Excellence

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