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Better Facility Management Software for Schools

A new way of managing K-12 facilities

AkitaBox Essentials

Simple, easy-to-use facility management software for schools with the features and functionality you need.

All for 2¢ per square foot.* Doesn't that sound nice?

Make the switch now.


*Minimum annual subscription starts at $2,400.

The best option for your schools

AkitaBox Essentials is so easy to use, you can be up and running in days or weeks through our new self-implementation module.

Your teams will be able to get started right away through our intuitive, straightforward workflows that will make them wonder how they ever managed with your old system.

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Asset Mapping

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Service Request

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Work Order

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Document Management

Preventive MaintenancePreventive Maintenance Management

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A new, visual way to manage your school facilities

Let's face it, most K-12 facilities management software is hard to use, difficult to implement, and challenging to get your teams to use on a daily basis.

Whether you are tired of your glorified spreadsheet of a software or leveraging paper processes, AkitaBox Essentials offers an easy-to-use alternative that you and your team will actually want to use.

Simple software makes it easier than ever to track assets, complete work orders, and work more efficiently, allowing you and your team to get hours back in your week.

AkitaBox Essentials Software for K12 Facility Management

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Keep tabs of every asset across your schools

Knowing what space you have and what assets reside in your buildings is essential to effectively managing your school facilities.

AkitaBox delivers a simple, visual mapping tool that allows you and your team to spend less time searching for that tricky-to-find asset, more efficiently complete maintenance work, and track any asset across your buildings.

This dynamic and flexible software enables you to build out as robust or as lean a solution you need to deliver excellent learning environments for students, teachers, and staff.

Real Property Asset Management Discover Location-Based Asset Mapping


“When I hire a new special systems tech who knows nothing about the schools, I can hand them AkitaBox and ask him to select the fire extinguishers, show him a map and he can instantly service them.”
Calvin Pulda Headshot Calvin Pulda, Special Systems Coordinator
Buckeye Elementary Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Move from reactive to proactive maintenance

Implementing and sticking to preventive maintenance schedules isn't a pipe dream with the right software in place.

AkitaBox offers a streamlined work order system for K-12 schools that makes it easier than ever to schedule, manage, and complete preventive maintenance schedules.

Ditch manual and time consuming maintenance processes for an automated preventive maintenance program that keeps you ahead of asset breakdowns and saves money in the long run.

Maintenance-Reporting-Dashboard-Icon (2) Discover Preventive Maintenance Scheduling


“Since I implemented AkitaBox, I have been able to get 5 extra hours back into my work week.”
Akita- Testimonial- Robert Robert Smith, Director of Buildings and Grounds at Tomorrow River School District
AkitaBox Utilizes Workflows and Checklists Driven by CDC and EPA Guidelines-1

Benefits that Extend Beyond Maintenance

Essentials works for more than just maintenance teams.


Automatically assign IT tickets to your IT staff, while giving them the power to track and keep inventory of their specific assets.

Security & Special Systems

Add security camera links so your team can quickly view live footage of your buildings even when they aren't there.


Prepare for end-of-year inventory by tracking location, cost, and type of asset your admins own and use.

Food Service

Schedule deliveries between buildings so your nutrition staff always has the food they need.

Emergency Planning

Provide access to emergency responders so they know building layouts and asset locations.


Keep a complete list of assets, condition, model, and more to provide to insurance companies in case a disaster strikes.


View answers to Frequently Asked Questions about AkitaBox Essentials. 


*Pricing applies to implementations over 120,000 sq. ft. For pricing details under that please reach out to our expert.

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