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Transform Commercial Real Estate Operations

Make data-driven decisions that protect your NOI.

Increase Portfolio Profitability

Building Infrastructure Software for Portfolio Managers

Increase Net Operating Income with AkitaBox

Increase Net Operating Income

Take advantage of cost saving and efficiency improvement opportunities with access to accurate property data.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with AkitaBox

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Give property managers the tools they need to run buildings more efficiently and get rid of hidden costs eating away at profits.

Improve Occupant Experience with AkitaBox

Provide Tenant Assurance

In the wake of COVID-19, provide safer and healthier workspaces through standardized, independently driven cleaning processes.

Provide assurance to the people returning to your facilities

COVID-19 has reshaped how the public views the facilities where they live, work and play. This change in perspective has led to a greater need for transparency into how buildings are cleaned and disinfected. AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance provides a shareable assurance certificate to put your occupants’ and tenants' minds at ease.

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Find how much you could be saving today

Discover the cost savings and efficiency AkitaBox delivers to customers like you


Calculate a property's replacement reserve with even more accuracy

AkitaBox provides users with a clearer picture of their buildings condition and future capital expense requirements. Armed with this data, you can better calculate your needs, freeing up cash and improving your property's valuation.

Real Property Asset Management Explore the Capital Management App


Calculate a propertys replacement reserve with even more accuracy with AkitaBox-1

Protect your gross operating income with preventive maintenance programs

The AkitaBox platform helps eliminate hidden maintenance costs, increase collaboration and reduce reliance on institutional knowledge. It also gives transparency into day-to-day building operations, empowering building operators to control costs and mitigate unnecessary spending.

Preventive Maintenance Management Navigate Preventive Maintenance Management


Protect your gross operating income with preventive maintenance programs in AkitaBox

Minimize tenant turnover and build trust with transparent cleaning processes

AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance allows you to implement best practice cleaning and disinfection processes across your buildings. Driven by CDC and EPA guidelines, you can ensure your spaces and buildings are safer for tenants to return to and provide certificates of completion to give tenants confidence in continuing to use them.

Work Order Management Navigate AkitaBox DeepClean Assurance


Utilize Workflows and Checklists Driven by CDC and EPA Guidelines-1

Protect Your NOI While

Improving Tenant Satisfaction

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