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AkitaBox Platform

Manage all your assets, work orders, preventive maintenance needs, and occupant experience with one intuitive software tool.

Facility Management Software for Asset & Maintenance Management

Welcome to a world where all of your asset information and maintenance programs are in one organized, easily accessible place. AkitaBox’s digital floor plans, location-based asset mapping, and document management mean you can find everything you need to know about a particular asset in seconds.

We’re also a full-service maintenance management tool. Assign, track, and complete service requests, work orders, and preventive maintenance schedules from anywhere.

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Asset Management

Location-based Asset Mapping that Helps Visualize Facilities Management

Instant Access to Facility and Asset Information, Anytime, Anywhere

Access to information in the field is key to being productive. AkitaBox provides a one-stop shop where you and your team can track asset inventory and quickly view the critical facility and asset information needed to work more efficiently.

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Dynamic, Digital Facility Mapping that Mirrors Your Physical Buildings

How confident are you that your paper and PDF floor plans actually match your building’s current layout? With AkitaBox, you’ll work from new, accurate two-dimensional floor plans with each asset’s locations pinned using AutoDesk Revit® that your team can access from any mobile device, tablet, or computer.

Create a living floor plan of every building showing the location and corresponding data of every single asset. Even upload photos and satellite imagery. AkitaBox also provides data outputs in a variety of formats, including 2D and 3D Revit, BIM, and integrated digital twin models, providing valuable business insights.

A Central Repository for Facility Documents

AkitaBox aggregates all your digital building information, documentation, and facility files in a single location. These files can quickly be associated with individual assets within the system, meaning your team spends less time searching for documents and more time doing what they do best – maintaining your buildings.

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“It’s asset management and maintenance management all in one. In the past, we had to have two separate types of software for this.”

Justin Scott    BSA Orange County Council

Stop Institutional Knowledge from Walking Out the Door

When team members retire or leave, they take years of experience with them. New hires typically need at least 6 months to get up to speed. With AkitaBox, that valuable institutional knowledge is retained and documented – not only protecting your facilities, but also helping new hires become productive faster.

Asset Management Features

Location-Based Asset Mapping

Know – really KNOW – where your assets are. Click the asset pin on your digital floor plan or scan the QR code on the asset to immediately access all related documentation.

Never “lose” an asset again. Location-based asset mapping makes it easy for your facility team as well as inspectors and speciality technicians to find the equipment they need, fast.

2D Digital Floor Plans

Receive an accurate visual representation of your building, complete with:

  • Square footage
  • Assets pinned to their exact locations
  • Building documents like warranties and owners’ manuals linked to rooms and assets

Asset and Space Inventory

With AkitaBox, you receive a database of all your rooms and spaces as well as assets associated with their location in your facilities.

  • View your assets in list view
  • Click on any asset or room to instantly pull up all related documentation
  • Track maintenance work against each item

Leverage AkitaBox’s partner network to create this inventory for you as part of the onboarding and implementation process, or take advantage of our data collection app — the AkitaBox Capture app. With many other providers, you’re on your own. Talk about adding value!

Historical Asset Data

  • Track maintenance work and see the impact of the work performed on each asset or space
  • Monitor asset lifecycles to see where the asset is in its lifecycle compared to the industry standard
  • See the overall condition of every asset
  • Quickly identify trends

Asset Relationships

No asset or space exists in a vacuum. AkitaBox makes it easy to see how everything’s connected within your facilities.

  • Quickly find which equipment serves which space
  • Identify which assets serve or depend on other assets

Customizable Data Fields

If you want to track it, AkitaBox lets you do it. Create as many standard input fields (such as a text box or dropdown menu) as you like.

  • Add data points beyond the defaults that you want to track
  • Track any kind of equipment by customizing the fields on the asset location pins

Document Management

End the nightmare of scattered building documentation.

Akitabox asset management features

  • All your documentation digitized – no more paper
  • Everything in one place that’s accessible to your whole team
  • Tagging system makes it easy to search documentation by asset, by room, or by type
  • Documents can be attached to specific rooms or assets

Maintenance Management

Streamline your reactive and preventive maintenance tasks for better facilities management

Manage, Track, and Complete Your Most Vital Work in a Straightforward Work Order Management System

AkitaBox’s work order management software makes it painless to manage and complete your work across all your buildings. An intuitive maintenance dashboard and calendar view let your team see which work orders, service requests, and preventive maintenance schedules need attention.

Get Ahead of Potential Breakdowns with Proactive Preventive Maintenance Software

Create custom preventive maintenance programs in seconds for your most vital tasks. Get automated maintenance reminders, work order routing, assignment tracking, and custom maintenance scheduling – ensuring key jobs never fall through the cracks again.

“AkitaBox has already made me more accountable as a manager. It automatically reminds me and my team of upcoming work orders and if a task is overdue, it sends an alert to our emails. I appreciate receiving update emails every day because they highlight what got done yesterday, what’s due today and what’s coming up soon.”

Larry Trende  •  Facilities Manager

Improve Collaboration and Occupant Experience with an All-in-one Communication Hub

Reduce response times for service requests and close out tasks quickly using AkitaBox’s occupant portal. It offers facility teams a single place to communicate on their maintenance activities. You can also easily field occupant requests, manage work orders, and provide personalized updates.

Gain insights into maintenance trends and team performance

Getting the right data in place to measure success can take hours…if that data is even accurate. AkitaBox’s Enterprise Maintenance Reporting provides real-time data so you can easily track metrics that matter to your team and organization. Start making smarter decisions with a reporting dashboard built with you in mind.

AkitaBox Maintenance Management Features

Service Request Portal

An easy-to-use dashboard for occupants and maintenance techs alike.

Facility team members can:

  • View and sort all maintenance requests
  • Mark each ticket with a status
  • See precisely where on the floor plan maintenance is needed
  • Message back and forth with the occupant to gather more information

Occupants can:

  • Submit a service request in just a few clicks
  • Mark the exact location of the maintenance need on the building floor plan
  • See the status of their open ticket
  • Provide additional information as needed

Work Order Software

You’ll never go back to your old way of managing work orders once you experience AkitaBox.

  • Automatically create tickets from your preventive maintenance schedules
  • Manage reactive and preventive maintenance actions in one place
  • Easily find or attach files to rooms or assets by clicking on the pin marking its location on floor plan view
  • Scan the QR code on your asset to immediately pull up all maintenance history for that asset
  • Track all reactive and preventive maintenance together or separately
  • Sort work orders by age, and filter by trade or other options

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Head off breakdowns and prolong the life of your assets with solid preventive maintenance through AkitaBox.

  • Upload customized preventive maintenance schedules
  • Build your own schedules based on AkitaBox’s default ones
  • Easily find or attach files to rooms or assets by clicking on the pin marking its location on floor plan view
  • Scan the QR code on your asset to immediately pull up all maintenance history for that asset

Calendar View

Visualize your maintenance tickets in a convenient calendar format.

  • See all scheduled tickets by date
  • Just drag and drop to reschedule tickets
  • Easily and intuitively edit your schedule
  • Sort schedules by particular techs or teams
  • Filter tickets by asset to see how often specific equipment is being serviced

Maintenance Reporting Dashboard

  • Get real-time maintenance reports
  • Drill down by assignee, maintenance type, or trade
  • Track metrics such as:
    • Work orders completed per day
    • Number of hours logged across work orders
    • Number of deferred or canceled work orders
    • And more
  • Track technician productivity over time
  • Set preventive maintenance benchmarks


Mobile Availability

We live in a mobile world. Isn’t it time your facility management program goes mobile, too? Say goodbye to the days of carrying around pads of paper and clipboards and hello to accessing all of your facility management information from your mobile device.

Three easy ways to access AkitaBox in the field:

  • AkitaBox Work app – manage and respond to work orders
  • Capture app – view your floor plan, asset locations, and asset-related information
  • Browser – access all components of AkitaBox via the browser on your mobile device

Two-Way Communication

Maintain transparency within your facility team and with your buildings’ occupants.

  • Add notes for other maintenance techs and associate those notes to a specific asset, room, or work order
  • Use our service request portal to communicate with occupants regarding their maintenance tickets and provide status updates

It’s Easy to Add Capital Management and Inspections Tools

Get even more insights when you add on the fully compatible AkitaBox Capital Management and AkitaBox Inspections software.

See How the AkitaBox Platform Can Transform Your Facility

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