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Work Order Management

Easily create, assign and complete work orders that record vital pieces of information on space and assets.


Work Order Management
Software Features

Service Request Portal

The service or maintenance request portal utilizes a built-in form that captures the occupant’s request, description, contact information and a photo of the issue if applicable. Unlimited users with every AkitaBox plan allows any occupant at your facility to submit a request from their desktop or a mobile device.

Service Request Portals with AkitaBox

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Create, Review and Approve Work Orders

Facility leads are able to approve or deny service requests and create actionable work orders off of a request. Facility managers or technicians can also create self-identified work orders from their dashboard. Work orders can be assigned a priority level, a due date and associated to a specific asset or trade.

Create Review and Approve Work Orders with AkitaBox-1

Work Order Tracking and Management

Technicians can view their assigned work orders across all buildings or on a building-by-building basis in the Dashboard. Convenient tabs allow team members to quickly toggle between their reactive and preventive work orders, identifying and prioritizing overdue or upcoming tasks.

Work Order Tracking and Management with AkitaBox

Keep Building Occupants Informed

If there is a delay in the work order completion due to an issue such as backordered parts or labor backlogs, technicians can send messages to the requester updating the status of the work order. Requester can track the progress of the request, as well as provide updated information to the technician assigned to the task.

Keep Building Occupants Informed in AkitaBox

Service Request and Work Order Attachments

Upon completion of a work order, team members can document materials used, hours worked, cost of materials and any other notes before closing it out. Files such as invoices, receipts and photos can also be attached to the work order upon completion.

Service Requests and Work Order Attachments with AkitaBox

Mobile-friendly Work Order Management

Facility teams constantly need to access documentation in the field and provide updates on the work order status. With a mobile work order management software solution, technicians get instant access to equipment maintenance records, outstanding work orders and scheduled preventive maintenance tasks.

Mobile Friendly Work Order Management

Watch a work order management software demo.

More Facility Management Software Features

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    Location-based Asset Mapping

    Access building information from a visual floor plan that uses color-coded pins to identify individual space and assets within your facility.

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    Preventive Maintenance Management

    Extend the life of your building and its assets with data-driven maintenance schedules that automatically generate work orders for building assets.

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    Document Management

    Store any kind of documentation specific to buildings or assets, such as invoices, photos, manuals and warranties right in the software platform.
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    Maintenance Reporting

    Visualize your facility team's performance in an entirely new way with a user-friendly, powerful reporting dashboard.