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Enterprise Maintenance Reporting

Visualize your facility team's performance in an entirely new way with powerful reporting dashboards.


Maintenance Reporting Software Features

Get Real-Time Maintenance Reports

Don’t wait for data if you don’t have to. With the AkitaBox reporting dashboard, as your technicians update and complete work orders, maintenance reports are updated in real-time. You’ll be able to understand all work order data with even more insight when you drill down by assignee, maintenance type or trade.

Get Real Time Maintenance Reports from AkitaBox

Find how much you could be saving today

Discover the cost savings and efficiency AkitaBox delivers to customers like you


Track Technician Productivity
Over Time

Monitor the health of your team with easy to understand productivity charts. Identify positive and negative trends in team member performance, look for possible signs of employee burnout or turnover and find gaps in training or education.

Track Technician Productivity Over Time with AkitaBox

Gain Insight Into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Stay informed on KPIs that are important to your organization’s maintenance operations. Effortlessly track metrics such as work orders completed per day, number of hours logged across work orders, number of deferred or cancelled work orders and more.

Gain Insight Into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with AkitaBox-1

Set Benchmarks for Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Set benchmarks for your team around the amount of time spent on preventive vs. reactive maintenance tasks. Understand what the percentage breakdowns are and know which are driven by occupant requests and which are self-identified requests.

Set Benchmarks for Your Preventive Maintenance Program with AkitaBox

Export Custom Maintenance Reports

Showcase your team’s productivity by creating custom maintenance reports that you can distribute to key stakeholders and share with personnel during performance evaluations or team huddles.

Export Custom Maintenance Reports from AkitaBox-1

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions

Work orders trending upwards? Advocating for hiring additional staff? Reactive work orders outweighing preventive ones? It’s time for a change. Get the reporting dashboard that was designed with you in mind.

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions

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More Facility Management Software Features

  • Asset and Space Management copy

    Location-based Asset Mapping

    Access building information from a visual floor plan that uses color-coded pins to identify individual space and assets within your facility.

  • Work Order Management copy

    Work Order Management

    Create, assign and complete tasks that record vital  information on space and assets for historical reference while easily assigning tasks out by team member.

  • Preventative Maintenance Management copy

    Preventive Maintenance Management

    Extend the life of your building and its assets with data-driven maintenance schedules that automatically generate work orders for building assets.

  • Document Management copy

    Document Management

    Store any kind of documentation  specific to buildings or assets, such as invoices, photos,  manuals and warranties right in the software platform.