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Maintenance Management

Streamline your reactive and preventive maintenance tasks to better maintain your facilities.


Manage, track, and complete your most vital work in a straightforward work order management system

Your facilities get used, a lot. Your assets wear down. Things break. It comes with the territory in facility management and when it happens, you need a work order system that makes it easier to manage and complete those work orders.

AkitaBox's work order management software makes it painless to manage and complete your work across all your buildings. An intuitive maintenance dashboard and calendar view makes it simple for your team to see which work orders, service requests, and preventive maintenance schedules need attention.

AkitaBox Work Order Software for Streamlined Maintenance Management

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Get ahead of potential breakdowns with proactive preventive maintenance software

You know that preventive maintenance is important. But implementing a robust program can be difficult in typical clunky facility management softwares, especially when you are dealing with a laundry list of reactive work that is all somehow listed as urgent.

With AkitaBox, you can create custom preventive maintenance programs in seconds for your most vital tasks like fire extinguisher inspections, roof check, flushing drains, or any other proactive tasks. Automated, recurring tasks ensure that a preventive maintenance task never falls through the cracks again, keeping buildings safe, healthy, and operational.

AkitaBox Preventive Maintenance Software for Better Maintenance Management

Improve collaboration and occupant experience with an all-in-one communication hub

No facility technician or manager works alone; the most successful facilities teams are those that have open communication and collaborate effectively.

AkitaBox offers facility teams a single place to communicate on their maintenance activities.

Say goodbye to extra phone calls, emails, and text messages, as AkitaBox allows you to not only collaborate internally, but also send and receive messages from the initial requesters. Get updates on if a problem worsens, ask clarifying questions, or just provide a direct update on progress for a more personable occupant experience.

AkitaBox In-app Messaging for Streamlined Maintenance Communication

Gain insights into maintenance trends and team performance

It can be easy to put metrics and KPIs on the backburner in facility management. Facility teams are focused on doing, and getting the right data in place to even measure success can take hours...if that data is even accurate.

AkitaBox's Enterprise Maintenance Reporting provides real-time data so you can easily track metrics that matter to your team and organization. Start making data decisions with a reporting dashboard that was built with you in mind.

AkitaBox Reporting for Better Workload Balancing


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