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AkitaBox Asset Mapping

Location-based Asset Mapping

A new, visual way to manage your facilities’ space and assets.

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Get a complete visual inventory of your building assets

Knowing what space you have and what assets reside in your buildings is essential to managing your facilities efficiently. With AkitaBox, our team will come onsite to verify your current plans and gather data and photos of your major mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire & life safety assets. This data is then used to create two-dimensional  floor plans with assets locations pinned using AutoDesk Revit®.

A Complete Visual Inventory of Your Building Assets-1

Simple, Visual Mapping Tool

PlanView starts off as a blank floor plan within AkitaBox and allows you to display different assets or rooms by type using filters that are customized to your team. Every room and asset is designated by a color-coded pin type on your floor plans, including but not limited to electrical, fire and life safety and mechanical equipment. You can also add new assets and spaces to your floor plans from the field.

AkitaBox's Simple Visual Mapping Tool

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Customizable Data Profiles for Your Space and Assets

Each pinned space or asset in your facility has its own profile, allowing facility teams to easily access any data associated with that space or asset, including O&M manuals, warranty information, make and model, serial numbers, technician notes and physical location. You can also add additional data fields to meet your team’s specific needs.

Customizable Data Profiles for Your Space and Assets with AkitaBox

Associate Space and Assets to Teams

You can establish custodial or housekeeping zones to help your teams identify cleaning responsibilities, review cleaning processes and procedures and assign specific trades to streamline processes. Cleaning or maintenance checklists can also be uploaded to the space and asset profiles for team members to reference.

Associate Space and Assets to Teams with AkitaBox

Access Documents in the Field

No more trips to the plan room or searching file folders for manufacturer information. Documents are accessible to your technicians in real-time from any mobile device with an internet connection. All files and photos housed within AkitaBox can also be saved locally to a device with a simple download.

Access Documents in the Field with AkitaBox

Space and Asset Reporting

The reporting section within the building’s dashboard gives you a holistic view of your buildings’ space and asset data. See the total number of rooms and assets across individual buildings or by the floor of those buildings.

Space and Asset Reporting with AkitaBox

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More Facility Management Software Features

  • Work Order Management copy

    Work Order Management

    Create, assign and complete tasks that record vital information on space and assets for historical reference while easily assigning tasks out by team member.

  • Preventative Maintenance Management copy

    Preventive Maintenance Management

    Extend the life of your building and its assets with data-driven maintenance schedules that automatically generate work orders for building assets.

  • Document Management copy

    Document Management

    Store any kind of documentation specific to buildings or assets, such as invoices, photos, manuals and warranties right in the software platform.
  • Maintenance-Reporting-Dashboard-Icon (2)

    Maintenance Reporting

    Visualize your facility team's performance in an entirely new way with a user-friendly, powerful reporting dashboard.