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Facility Document Management

Eliminate the need for plan rooms filled with paper manuals, warranties, documentation and floor plans.


A Central Repository For Your Building Documents

The AkitaBox file management system aggregates all your building information, documentation, and facility files in a single location. Your team spends less time searching for documents and more time doing what they do best - maintaining their buildings.


A Central Repository for Your Building Documents in AkitaBox

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Store Complete Building Documentation

Store any kind of building documentation within AkitaBox, including documents specific to certain assets such as invoices, photos, O&M manuals and warranties, or general documentation for your building such as blueprints and as-builts from renovations projects. Make it easy on yourself and your team by keeping everything contained within one software system.


File Tagging and Filtering

Take your file organization to the next level by applying category tags to your documents. Configure these tags in any way you want to organize your files - from the type of document to the discipline the file is associated with. AkitaBox’s unique tagging system also lets you apply multiple category tags to a single document, eliminating the need for redundant documentation.

File Tagging and Filtering with AkitaBox

Link Construction Documents to Space and Assets

Associate documents such as O&M manuals, warranty information, shutdown procedures and maintenance instructions to individual pieces of equipment, or add custodial or housekeeping checklists to a specific room. Other documentation not associated with a specific asset, such as bid documents, as-builts and commissioning reports, can be stored and tagged by project, building or floor name in the general repository.

Link Construction Documents to Space and Assets with AkitaBox

Access Documents in the Field

No more trips to the plan room or searching file folders for manufacturer information. Documents are accessible to your technicians in real-time from any mobile device with an internet connection. All files and photos housed within AkitaBox can also be saved locally to a device with a simple download.

Access Documents in the Field with AkitaBox

Unlimited File Storage

With an unlimited amount of storage space available within the software, you can upload everything from as-builts to invoices without ever worrying about needing to purchase additional space.

Unlimited File Storage with AkitaBox

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More Facility Management Software Features

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    Location-based Asset Mapping

    Access building information from a visual floor plan that uses color-coded pins to identify individual space and assets within your facility.
  • Work Order Management copy

    Work Order Management

    Create, assign and complete tasks that record vital  information on space and assets for historical reference while easily assigning tasks out by team member.

  • Preventative Maintenance Management copy

    Preventive Maintenance Management

    Extend the life of your building and its assets with data-driven maintenance schedules that automatically generate work orders for building assets.

  • Maintenance-Reporting-Dashboard-Icon (2)

    Maintenance Reporting

    Visualize your facility team's performance in an entirely new way with a user-friendly, powerful reporting dashboard.