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Asset Management

A new, visual way to manage your facilities.


Instant access to facility and asset information anytime, anywhere

For facility teams who spend most of their day on their feet, having access to facility and asset information in the field is key to being productive. However, facilities data is often siloed, meaning technicians spend a lot of their day waiting on instructions, traveling to the plan room to review a floor plan, or trying to find every filter that needs to be changed in a building.

AkitaBox provides a one-stop shop where you and your team can track asset inventory and quickly access the critical facility and asset information needed to work more efficiently.

A Complete Visual Inventory of Your Building Assets-1

Dynamic, digital facility mapping that mirrors your physical buildings

Facility teams rely on paper and PDF floor plans every day to help them navigate their facilities and plan their day.

But does your team have to travel to a plan room or dig through a folder to find them? And how confident are you that those plans actually match your building's current layout?

With AkitaBox, you'll work from new, accurate two-dimensional floor plans with assets locations pinned using AutoDesk Revit® that your team can access from any iPad or computer.

AkitaBox Location-based Asset Management

View the Location-Based Asset Mapping Data Sheet

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A central repository for facility documents

Asset and facility documents provide valuable instructions and information that your facility team needs every day.

AkitaBox aggregates all your digital building information, documentation, and facility files in a single location.

These files can quickly be associated with your assets in AkitaBox, meaning your team spends less time searching for documents and more time doing what they do best - maintaining your buildings.

AkitaBox Document Management

Keep institutional knowledge from walking out the door

There is no worse feeling than knowing you have veteran team members who are getting ready to retire, taking years of experience, knowledge, and cheat codes on managing your facilities with them.

What's worse, the person you hire to replace them probably won't be fully productive for at least six months putting extra work and stress on you.

With AkitaBox, that institutional knowledge is retained and documented to protect your facilities and allow new hires to be productive faster.

Retaining Institutional Facility Knowledge with AkitaBox


AutoDesk Revit

AutoDesk® Revit Integration

Floor Plans

2D Digital Floor Plans

Location-based Asset Mapping-Feb-23-2021-11-26-48-01-PM

Location-Based Asset Mapping


Asset and Space Inventory


Historical Asset Data

Asset Condition

Asset Relationships


Customizable Data Fields

Document Management-2

Document Management

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