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Inspection Software

Assure compliance through a stream of actionable building data.

Gain compliance confidence with a robust reporting dashboard

Effectively prove compliance by automatically generating and assigning inspection tasks to team members. Then, pull reports across all buildings to share with accrediting agencies at a moment’s notice.

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Gain Compliance Confidence with a Robust Reporting Dashboard-2


Our robust and powerful platform guarantees exactly what you need with unmatched flexibility.


Get a real-time view of inspection status

Monitor ongoing inspections work across your buildings, drill into associated work orders within failed inspections and gain a better understanding of your overall compliance posture.

Work Order Management Explore Work Order Management


Get a Real-time View of Inspection Status-2

Save time and money by simplifying the inspection processes

The AkitaBox Inspection app utilizes location-based asset mapping to streamline the inspection process by empowering users to create custom rounds based on the most efficient routes within their buildings. 

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Save Time and Money by Simplifying the Inspection Processes

Flexibility and customization for all inspection types

Design rounds, checklists and schedules to prove compliance no matter the requirements. Whether for a mandated requirement such as The Joint Commission’s EC 02.03.05 or organization-mandated sustainability goals, the AkitaBox inspection app provides a platform to simplify your processes.

Flexibility and customization for all inspection types using AkitaBox

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Inspection Software Features

  • Location-based Asset Mapping
    Location-based Asset Mapping

    Utilize 2D digital floor plans to create more efficient inspection routes and reduce on-boarding time for new hires.
  • Inspection Schedules
    Inspection Schedules

    Create recurring inspection schedules that automatically create assigned work orders for daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks. 
  • ROunds Templates
    Custom Rounds

    Build customized rounds for each of your buildings and floors with specific instructions and asset information.
  • Inspection Checklists
    Custom Checklists

    Complete checklists for each asset in the field as you go through your inspection process. 
  • Work Order Association
    Identify and Track Corrective Measures

    Provide a trail of work documenting that failed inspections have been corrected by creating work orders associated with inspections.
  • Compliance Reporting
    Compliance Reporting

    AkitaBox provides greater transparency into inspection progress by allowing you to generate reports or drill deeper into specific inspections.

How does AkitaBox help people in your industry?

AkitaBox in Healthcare


Maintain deemed status with The Joint Commission while limiting the time, resources and energy spent every day to maintain compliance. 


AkitaBox in Manufacturing


Prove your organization's compliance with OSHA and other governing bodies with a software that will simplify inspections.


AkitaBox in Education

Higher Education

With hundreds of reporting and compliance requirements, use a software designed with inspections in mind. 


AkitaBox in Your Industry@3x-100

Other Industries

A dedicated inspection software helps mitigate risks and ensures corrective actions do not go unaddressed.



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