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Akitabox Capital Management Software

Track facility assets condition and probability of failure over time.


Use real-time data to predict future facility needs

Ditch your old, static FCA reports and utilize real-time condition and risk data for more accurate capital planning. Save current equipment conditions to provide more reliable life-cycle projections, allowing you to balance budget deficits and defer maintenance with more confidence. Our unique integration with Gordian's RSMeans data automates suggested upcoming tasks, helping you avoid financial surprises and lower the risk to your organization.

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Communicate more effectively with your budget holders

Communicate the consequences of varying budget levels to secure highly competitive capital budget dollars. A visual reporting dashboard provides a clear picture into facility data that matters, such as building FCI, equipment risk data and backlog maintenance tasks.

AkitaBox Capital Management Annual Renewal Costs

Increase net operating income (NOI)

AkitaBox Capital Management provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating a building's infrastructure condition and projecting future maintenance and replacement costs. Through a more accurate and responsive software solution, you can effectively measure your portfolio's health and set more realistic replacement reserves.

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Project capital budget needs with more confidence, now and in the future.

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Capital Management Software Features

  • RSMeans_Default_Social_TransparentRSMeans Data Integration

    Eliminate time doing your own research with RSMeans data from Gordian. Industry averages meshed with your assets' actual conditions help plan more accurate capital budgets.

  • Asset 21

    30-Year Cost Projections

    View current deferred maintenance and projected facilities needs 30 years into the future. Level out budgets to avoid years with large spikes in replacement needs.

  • Asset 25@0.5xHigh Risk Identification

    View your highest risk projects based on conditions, severity of failure, and mission criticality. Prioritize budgets based on data backed risk, not just what is supposed to be the next project.
  • Asset 22@0.5x

    Continuous Condition Updates

    Your team can save asset and assembly conditions as they complete work orders, providing multiple data points for more accurate life cycle tracking.

  • Asset 24@0.5x

    Portfolio FCI

    Track and compare FCI for every building to better prioritize budgets. View projected FCIs over time and measure how effective your capital dollars are being spent.

  • Asset 23@0.5xVisual Reporting Dashboard

    Clean, visual reports make it easier than ever to communicate upcoming major repairs and replacements. Play out scenarios for different budget amounts, show the effect on facility conditions, measure portfolio health and more.


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