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Capital Management

A living database to empower better portfolio management.

Gain access to a continuous stream of fixed asset and property data

With the AkitaBox Capital Management app, you'll get access to an aggregated database of building infrastructure data that provides actionable insights to reduce sustainment costs and increase their overall valuation.


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Re-evaluating Building Valuations

The Next Level of ROI for Intelligent and Connected Buildings

An Executive Brief from Frost and Sullivan


Increase Net Operating Income (NOI)

The Capital Management app provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating a building’s infrastructure condition and projects future maintenance and replacement costs. An evergreen database of costing information lets you accurately calculate your replacement reserve for each property.

Increase Net operating Income (NOI) with AkitaBox-1

Monitor and measure building portfolio health

With access to your building’s key infrastructure data, you can plan, prioritize and benchmark your building’s operational costs with increased accuracy. Also, proactively monitor and schedule your building infrastructure needs to save you time and money in the long run.

Monitor and Measure Building Portfolio Health with AkitaBox-5

Understand the trade-offs before planning your facility budget

Real-time data reports help weigh the impact on facility conditions, occupant experience and company revenue, while eliminating the unknown and unforeseen consequences that typically come with facility budgeting decisions.

Understand the trade-offs before planning your facility budget with AkitaBox

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Capital Management Software Features

  • Facility Condition Assessment

    Facility Condition Assessment

    Stop relying on basic walkthroughs and start making data-driven decisions. AkitaBox collects vital asset data, establishes a facility condition index rating and gives you an accurate prediction of future operational costs.
  • Reporting
    Live Building Infrastructure Database

    Gain access to a library of data related to your current and future building needs so you can make educated decisions when it comes to budgeting and capital planning.
  • Custom Maintenance Planning
    Custom Maintenance Management Program

    Utilizing your current asset condition while applying routine maintenance standards, AkitaBox creates a custom maintenance management program that reduces long-term operational costs.
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
    Benchmarking Within Portfolio

    A robust reporting tool offers better insight into your building infrastructure so you can visualize where you stand today and what you need to do to hit your goals for tomorrow. 

How does AkitaBox help people in your industry?

AkitaBox in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

Start benchmarking your buildings against other buildings within the portfolio to identify operational discrepancies.


AkitaBox in Education

Higher Education

Understand which assets are affecting your bottom line due to unexpected repair costs, downtime and high energy consumption. 


AkitaBox in Healthcare


Gain insight into building and asset health to minimize unforeseen maintenance and repair costs that can jeopardize patient safety.


AkitaBox in Your Industry

Other Industries

Stop holding more reserves than necessary when you have a greater understanding of your buildings' assets, condition and specific needs. 



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