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Capital Management

Project capital budget needs with more confidence, now and in the future.

Plan and prioritize capital budgets with more confidence

Stop paying for expensive one-and-done condition assessments. AkitaBox Capital Management takes the guesswork out of planning capital budgets through a single source of truth for facilities and asset conditions. Through our integration with Gordian's RSMeans data, you can be sure you are working off of the most accurate life-cycle forecasts for more confident planning.

Plan and Prioritize Your Capital Budgets with More Confidence

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Re-evaluating Building Valuations

The Next Level of ROI for Intelligent and Connected Buildings

An Executive Brief from Frost and Sullivan


Communicate the trade-offs before planning your facility budget

Communicate more effectively with budget holders to secure highly competitive capital budget dollars. Visual reports help show the impact on facility conditions, occupant experience and company revenue while also eliminating the uncertainty that typically comes with facility budgeting decisions.

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Increase net operating income (NOI)

AkitaBox Capital Management provides a comprehensive solution for evaluating a building's infrastructure condition and projecting future maintenance and replacement costs. Through a more accurate and responsive software solution, you can effectively measure your portfolio's health and set more realistic replacement reserves.

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Capital Management Software Features

  • Facility Condition Assessment

    Facility Condition Assessment

    Stop relying on static reports or basic walkthroughs and start making data-driven decisions. AkitaBox collects vital building and asset conditions, establishes a facility condition index (FCI) rating and gives you an accurate prediction of future operational costs.
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    Gordian's RSMeans Data Integration

    AkitaBox Capital Management is integrated with RSMeans data from Gordian. As the gold standard for construction cost estimates, you can plan and prioritize your capital budgets with more confidence than ever before.
  • Visual Reporting Dashboard
    Visual Reporting Dashboard

    Clean, visual reports make it easier than ever to communicate upcoming major repairs and replacements. Play out scenarios for different budget amounts, show the effect on facility conditions, measure portfolio health and more.
  • Portfolio Benchmarking
    Live Building Infrastructure Database

    Continuously update asset and building component conditions and replacement dates within AkitaBox Capital Management, allowing you to make educated decisions when it comes to budgeting and capital planning. 

How does AkitaBox help people in your industry?

AkitaBox in Commercial Real Estate

Real Estate

Make smarter investment decisions, monitor portfolio health and set more accurate replacement reserves to improve NOI.


AkitaBox in Education

Higher Education

Deliver a better campus experience through more accurate capital planning and strategic deferred maintenance. 




Prioritize your most urgent repairs and replacements to avoid unplanned downtime and keep operations running.


AkitaBox in Your Industry

Other Industries

Build capital budgets and defer low-priority repairs and replacements with more confidence. 



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