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Congrats to AkitaBoxers for the 2022 H1 Top Dawg and Cheers Champion Awards

July 28, 20222 – The AkitaBox awards for Top Dawg and Cheers Champion have been announced for 2022 H1. Congratulations to our Top Dawgs for the first half of 2022: Brian Berg and Matt Gercz! We had to call a tie for our 2022 H1 honors because they’ve both been working tirelessly on our Capture App with creative problem solving and dedication to meet deadlines, all while being responsive and nimble as we innovate. Congrats to Matt and Brian!

Our 2022 H1 Cheers Champion is Khai Chang. Khai received the most kudos from his peers during the time period, earning him the honor. Congrats to Khai!