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Healthcare Facility Management Software for Hospitals and Clinics

Patient safety is directly related to the state of your facilities. Let us help you maintain compliance, assess risks, reduce operating cost and improve your operational efficiency.

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Start Driving Efficiency in your Healthcare Facility

With AkitaBox, you’ll never be alone on your path to facility management success. From start to finish, we will be by your side.

Data Collection clipboard

Facility Data Collection

Our team of professional data coordinators do all the heavy lifting, providing onsite space verification and data collection for your buildings and assets.

Implementation cloud

Software Implementation

Using the data collected, our implementation team will update existing floor plans and upload asset data into the AkitaBox facility management software platform.

Training and Support chat boxes

Dedicated Training and Support

Get the support and attention your team deserves with a dedicated customer success manager that will guide you through the onboarding process, provide ongoing support and biannual check ins.

Get access to the latest trends in healthcare facility management.

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Maintain a Clean and Safe Environment for Patients and Staff

Infection prevention is a top priority, and nowhere is proper cleanliness and space management more important than in a healthcare facility. We help you adhere to a dirty-to-clean workflow by giving you a visual tool to create robust cleaning schedules using housekeeping or custodial zones, floor type and/or room type. Use the AkitaBox floor plan viewer to filter your pins and get a more granular view of your cleaning zones or a holistic look of your entire floor.

“We want people to be happy and safe. AkitaBox helps us accomplish this.”
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Maintain a clean and safe environment in AkitaBox

Schedule Preventative Maintenance and Minimize Equipment Failure

Manage work orders and set preventative maintenance schedules for all types of assets within the software. AkitaBox houses all of your building data and displays historical asset information on a digital floor plan viewer that integrates with your maintenance schedules and work order system. You can ensure maintenance tasks are being completed in a timely manner and report on the status of work orders across all buildings, altogether increasing operational efficiency.

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Improve Procedures for Safety Checks and Regulatory Compliance

Routine fire safety checks are a common occurrence, but they are often inefficient due to unidentified asset locations and routes. Speed up your compliance checks with a dynamic floor plan viewer that denotes the location of sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers, exit signs and defend -in-place-rooms on a floor-by-floor basis.

Also, ensure you are prepared for a safe shutdown in case of emergency with easily identifiable and scannable QR code labels for each of your facility’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing assets. Simply scan and get instant access to proper shutdown procedures.

Improve procedures for safety checks

Increase Equipment Uptime in Your Healthcare Facility Today

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Facility Management Software Key Features

Location-based asset mapping
Location-Based Asset Mapping

A dynamic floor plan viewer allows your team to place color-coded pins on your building’s floor plans, identifying fire and life safety assets, floor types and door swings.

QR code scanning
QR Code Scanning

Quickly identify utility assets with a click of the button, giving them access to detailed instructions or a checklist of proper shutdown methods.

Preventative maintenance scheduling
Work Order and PM Scheduling Module

Using data collected from existing assets, a work order module and robust time-based preventative maintenance schedule will keep your team focused on the right type of maintenance when you need it.

Document management system
Document Management System

Get a centralized document repository of your facility’s floor plans, emergency shutdown procedures and O&M manuals.

Reporting dashboard
Reporting Dashboard

Stay informed with instant access to recent activity, work order status, building statistics and progress notes from your team members in the field.

Unlimited users
Unlimited Users

Keep the lines of communication open with with an infinite number of users.


A responsive web-based design allows your team to access your facility’s data on any type of device; no need for app store downloads or constant application updating.

Simplified user interface
Simplified User Interface

Reduce training time with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that facilitates team adoption.


Get the flexibility you need with customizable input fields, dropdowns and colored pin types.