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The Step by Step Guide to Building a Preventive Maintenance Plan

Get More Proactive with Your Facility Maintenance

Flipping a facility to a preventive maintenance model can be challenging, even for the most seasoned facility team. Break the cycle of reactive maintenance by using the right tools to strategize for your department, all compiled in this Step by Step Guide to Building a Preventive Maintenance Plan. This guide covers:

  • How to collect and update your facility and asset data as the first step toward implementing a PM program
  • How to figure out which PM each asset needs and which resources you have to put towards it
  • How to identify and rank your most important assets
  • How to assign PM time estimates and compare that with your available labor hours
  • How facility assessments/audits and inspections can be documented and used to provide safer, more accessible spaces for occupants
  • And more!

Download Your Step by Step Guide