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2020 Executive Brief

Re-evaluating Building Valuations

The Next Level of ROI for Intelligent and Connected Buildings

Today’s intelligent building technologies have given commercial real estate professionals unparalleled access to data that can significantly improve ROI and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Learn how to quantify your building’s true value through the power of technology in this executive brief by Frost & Sullivan.

  • Create a more accurate representation of your building’s value for real estate investment trusts (REITs), building owners, financial institutions, insurers, and similar stakeholders.
  • Discover methods for creating synergy between smart building management systems to better monetize your investment.
  • Leverage the advantages of your building’s “digital twin” to empower your organization to borrow against more capital, charge higher rents to tenants, and sell the building for a higher price.
  • Read a step-by-step methodology to evaluating your portfolio and leveraging data for a more successful sale, purchase, refinancing and financial transaction.