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Preventive Maintenance Management Software

Tight budgets and timelines often drive reactive rather than preventive maintenance management. With the AkitaBox preventive maintenance module, facility managers can take back their day and keep their teams focused on what really matters: proactive rather than reactive tasks.

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Preventive Maintenance Software Features

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Extend the life of your building and its assets with data-driven maintenance scheduling. Maintenance schedules house the frequency in which preventive work orders are generated along with detailed instructions, the location of the task, documented shutdown procedures, and assets or buildings associated with the task.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling with AkitaBox

Automatically Generated Work Orders

Once a maintenance schedule is created, work orders will be automatically generated whenever a task needs to be completed. AkitaBox uses industry standards to create PM schedules, determine how often the work order should be generated, what time of year the work order should generate and how long the work order should remain open before it’s considered overdue.


Maintenance Management and Task Prioritization

Each maintenance schedule can be assigned to a specific team member or team, then prioritized and categorized to help facility managers understand where they are spending the most and least amount of their time. You can also easily filter between preventive and reactive maintenance tasks, adding another layer of prioritization for your team.


PM Notifications and Internal Communication

When a preventive maintenance task is due, the assigned technician will receive an in-app notification as well as an email alerting them of the task. These notifications along with an easy-to-navigate dashboard will allow your team to keep track of new versus existing tasks.

PM Notifications and Internal Communications with AkitaBox-2

Preventive Maintenance Reporting

The reporting tab gives you quick insight into the average number of hours being spent on a work order, average number of work orders completed per day, average work order duration and much more. You can also switch between the reactive and preventive work order tabs to see how these statistics vary by type of maintenance, trade and assignee.

Preventive Maintenance Reporting with AkitaBox

Custom Preventive Maintenance Program

If you’re short on time and need help getting your preventive maintenance program off the ground, our team of experts can take the lead. From schedule frequency to the description of the task, AkitaBox will create a preventive maintenance program for your team that follows industry standards and best practices using data sets from the leading provider of facility and construction cost data.

Custom Preventive Maintenance Programs with AkitaBox

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More Facility Management Software Features

  • Asset and Space Management copy

    Asset and Space Management

    Access building information from a visual floor plan that uses color-coded pins to identify individual space and assets within your facility.
  • Work Order Management copy

    Work Order Management

    Create, assign and complete tasks that record vital  information on space and assets for historical reference while easily assigning tasks out by team member.

  • Document Management copy

    Document Management

    Store any kind of documentation  specific to buildings or assets, such as invoices, photos,  manuals and warranties right in the software platform.
  • Maintenance-Reporting-Dashboard-Icon (2)

    Maintenance Reporting

    Visualize your facility team's performance in an entirely new way with a user-friendly, powerful reporting dashboard.