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Connect with AkitaBox at NFMT Remix 2023

NFMT Remix Presentation: Taming the Wild Beast of Facilities Data

AkitaBox Co-founder and Chief Solution Engineer Josh Lowe will present Taming the Wild Beast of Facilities Data on Thursday, October 26 at 8:30 AM.

Most facilities data is incomplete, outdated, or just plain inaccurate – not to mention scattered, siloed, and hard to find. You know you need to get your facilities data under control. But how? A fresh approach to your facilities data coupled with streamlined, comprehensive software tools can help you bring order to the chaos. With the right priorities and tools, you can more easily collect (and maintain) facilities data – such as asset condition, maintenance logs, inspection results, energy efficiency, and repair vs. replacement costs. As a result, you’ll have clear visibility into what’s happening in your buildings today and what you need to plan for tomorrow. Find out how to start turning your facilities data into the always-current, easy-to-understand information you need it to be.

Find out more about NFMT Remix and Josh Lowe’s presentation.