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Ebook: The future of facility capital planning

Get ready for iot, big data, and ai

Develop accurate capital budgets on the first try - every time.

Improve your facility capital planning with foundational technology that gathers accurate asset and facility data in real-time.

Download our 14-page ebook to find out how.

Your facility capital planning data isn't as good as you think it is.
To make accurate budgetary decisions, you need to capture and analyze your asset and facility data in real-time.

Why you need facility capital planning software

Use real-world facilities data to predict future needs

Enhance collaboration between stakeholders and decision-makers

Avoid unexpected breakdowns and financial surprises

Improve building quality and increase net operating income

Akitabox facility capital management

How it works

  • Gordian's RSMeans Data Integration
  • Saved ongoing condition assessments
  • Lifecycle forecasts and 30-year cost projections
  • Calculated risk data based on condition and severity

Why Akitabox?

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Reduce facility risk
  • Leverage real-world built environment data
  • Rapid implementation completed in 90-days
  • Intuitive design

See what industry leaders are saying

"The building data is retrievable and based on historic record, offering decision-makers the ability to act or make recommendations based on facts rather than personal perspective."

Wayne Spritka, Facilities & Parks Director, Door County

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